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Today is different to other days. I am in a very good mood. There are many reasons why someone might be in good mood.. maybe a salary raise, unexpected lottery winning, planning a long and relaxing vacation, a new girl friend or news of a new babe born or wedding coming up to name a few. But today i am in a very good mood for a totally different reason.. I did not win any lottery game at all, have no serious girl friend for a long time and the general employment situation worldwide is totally a disaster due to the well known crisis what made me feel in not so good mood lately but guess what ....


A few hours since I finished my work out 30 mins running today and I still think I am gonna rock the world. Exercise experts have known for years that moderate physical activity improves mood. 

Regular exercise acts as a mood booster and happens to be good for people. You have probably heard about the euphoria athletes often feel after sustained exertion, and perhaps you have felt your mood lift after a workout or a brisk walk. However, the exercise high does not depend on long workouts. In fact, the best results come from doing a little each day. Furthermore, in a recent study researchers at the University of Vermont have shown that people are in a better mood for up to 12 hours after they work out.

I do not know if you will believe or not but it is already midnight and looks like I will go to sleep with a big smile on my face tonight ... guess why ;-)

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