The 50 reasons

Can you think of more reasons to exercise? here are at least 50 reasons

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From the one big to the six pack abs

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six pack abs
building your 6 pack

It will take dedication, time and patience to get a six pack. But all you need to do is only two things: lose weight and build abs muscle. You get this by kind of adopting a dieting and exercising philosophy consistently. You can have the most toned and muscular abs, but it will not show if there is a layer of fat over them. This blog will discuss the ways in which you can accomplish both of these goals.

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Basic weight loss tips

weight loss tips
Weight loss logics

Your weight is regulated by energy balance, and calories are part of that equation. Some diets may promise you that counting carbs or eating a bunch of fruits and veggies will make the extra pounds drop off. But when it comes to weight loss, it is calories what counts the most. Weight loss comes down to burning more calories that you take in. You can do that by reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activity so that you keep a negative energy balance towards losing weight. Once you understand this equation, you are ready to set your weight ­loss goals and make a plan to reach them.

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The Benefits of Soy Milk

healthy soy milk
Soy milk health benefits

Soy milk, which is made from soaking, grinding and boiling soy beans with water, is a very nutritious drink. Soy is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients provide energy and keep your body functioning at its optimum level. Find below are the most important health benefits you can acquire from drinking soy milk.



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THE MINIMUM WORKOUT: Get Fit In Only A Few Minutes

The minimum workout
Getting fit in only a few mins

No time for a workout? Do you want to get fit but do not have time to join a gym club? are you really busy at work? Well, if you are within this group of people then definitely this is the right blog for you. Some experts argue that just a few minutes of strenuous exercise may be all that is needed to improve key measures of health and fitness. If you are consistent, determined and up to the cause then you can really get a great workout without spending much of your time and without leaving home. 


What are the advantages of quick high intensity workouts?

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Carrots: the greatest health and weight loss life-partner

Carrots health beneficts
the great weightloss partner


Carrots are rich in nutrients with beneficial impact on the organism, especially on the eyesight. Either raw or cooked as part of your meal carrots are the kind of food that can definitely help you to reach your health and weight loss goals.


Carrots benefits

  • Powerful antioxidant. Carrots are one of the richest natural sources of beta-carotene, important provitamin, which after consuming, turns into one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body, vitamin A. Vitamin A helps cells strengthen and fight against viruses, supports the fight against cancer and prevents cardiovascular diseases. 
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My new friend

smartwatches and health
My best health and fitness partner

Have you ever thought of all the qualities a good friend should have?


True friendships can start instantly but they take time to build. Here are a few qualities I think we should look for when making new friends:


  • Fun, unique and interesting. This is probably a given, and the reason you became friends in the first place. But there is a lot to be said about chemistry and shared interest. 

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Uncovering the secrets of a healthy weight: 4 steps to reprogramming the lipostat

Making your ideal weight long lasting
Keeping your ideal weight permanent


We are finally having the answers to the big mystery ....


Why do some people find almost impossible to lose weight, despite their numerous serious attempts to get slim even using sophisticated diets, exercise, pills etc?


What we have learnt from science might surprise you ...

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Empower your days with a good coffee

benefits of coffee
The power of coffee


Coffee, the mayor nature source of caffeine, is a wonderful natural energy drink with lots of physiological and pharmacological properties. Either if you are a coffee lover or you are under a muscle building or weight loss program, perhaps you should consider adding a caffeinated drink to your daily routines (tips: the average cup of filter coffee contains 140mg of caffeine compared with 100mg in instant coffee and only 75mg in tea). Caffeine is absorbed in the small intestine, metabolised in the liver cell and distributed to body tissues within 45 minutes of ingestion.


Though coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills, recent research indicates that coffee may not be so bad at all. 




What are the benefits of coffee


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The taste of an olympic medal

tasting an olympic medal
The privilege of tasting a medal

It is all over the news the 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games, or the 22nd Winter Olympics, a major international multi-sport event currently being held in Sochi, Russia. But have you ever wonder what's the taste of an olympic medal? someone may say it tastes like glory after all effort required. But this time I am talking about its real taste... this is a privilege only a few gifted ones can tell

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Have a happy Valentine's Fitness Day

Fitness and Valentine's Day
Fitness and Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and for romantic couples that probably means a crazy weekend full of yummy foods and highly caloric deserts. It is only once a year but better do not let this throw off your New Year’s goals for keeping yourself fit and healthy.


There are many ways you can take healthy food choices and maintain a workout schedule with your partner and still having a very romantic weekend. You could, for example, go for a walk on top of a hill or beach with a nice view and bring your picnic basket with your own choice of heathy foods. Being outdoors with the person you love is certainly a great healthy choice. This way you will probably enjoy eating guilt free because you have plenty of time to burn out your extra calorie by walking while enjoy being together with your love one.

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The beginning of Virtual Personal Trainer

your online personal trainer
You can be the way you want

Today is the beginning and first blog of Virtual Personal Trainer, your online personal trainer


Origins and motivation


Virtual Personal Trainer uses unique science concepts to set our right “preset weight”. It has been first clinically tested and proved by his creator (**Update** Virtual Personal Trainer's methodology has been Scientifically Proven in Jan 2017; likewise, our tools and apps have been recently validated in Dec 2017). Jose is 47 years old originally from Spain with Masters in Biological Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Organizational Engineering and PhD in Biology. He has more than 20 years of professional experience occupying leading positions both at private and public sectors. In the sports & fitness training world, he used to practice martial arts (Karate, Ninjutsu and Self-Defense), diving, ski, and he was a gym personal trainer at his twenties. Later on he only practiced ski and snorkeling when he was on holiday. Because of his career he put sports a bit apart for a few years. He is much of a world travel person. Perhaps because of his traveling experiences and relation with different cultures one day he realised he was getting very fat and consciously unhealthy. He could not believe his weight was as much as 223 lbs (101 kgs). Too much business traveling and eating outside with no control over his food habits and spare time made him like that, he thought. But some day in July, 2012 he opened his eyes to the reality and that day was the beginning of a new resolution: "I never thought i will reach three ciphers. I will never be like this again", he promised himself.

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