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The formula for losing weight is not a mystery: the calorie burn rate needs to be higher than the calorie intake. The same goes for being fit, do regular exercise, or quitting smoking, just quit. It seems simple but everyone who has tried any of the above knows that the reality it is not so easy. Motivating people to establish healthy lifestyle habits and make significant changes is still not highly explored science. However, a recently published scientific study by Virtual Personal Trainer shows how motivational strategies can be easily implemented into health programs resulting in very promising results.

Making of health a lifestyle

The power of social media communities

Social media can improve health outcomes. These are the most important factors to achieve a change on health-behavior patterns:

  • a person must be motivated, 
  • must be able to perform and change the behavior,
  • and all these events must happen at the same time.

Social mechanisms are key for incentivizing changes. Social media can encourage teamwork, friendly competition, and accountability. For example, a group of friends or co-workers can encourage each other to exercise more frequently. Social media gives individuals the ability to influence a high number of people. Studies show that social media can lead to better health outcomes than when it is controlled by individual groups. It is believed that social networks can help us achieve what we could not achieve on our own. No question, how the way we or others think affects our health behavior.


Mobile / wearable technology and health

Rewards and incentives play a critical role in motivating healthy behavior. Mobile and wearable technology are playing a major role in reaching out to people and keeping them on track with their healthy habits. Knowing about different types of behavior is crucial for designing and developing this technology as a tool for persuasion. In order to make people successful in making lifestyle changes they need to get involved and using this type technology is a key element.



We have learned from our own previous experience that weight loss output data is highly predictive. As such, these data can be easily stored, analysed, and applied to machine learning techniques to provide an almost complete automation of weight loss planning and management. Virtual Personal Trainer is intending to create an "Integrated e-health & BIG DATA-MachineLearning Artificial Intelligent Platform" that eventually will run by itself and used as a prototype for any other e-health project.

At the moment Virtual Personal Trainer does not have any financial support except our own effort. Your contribution is very important so we can continue supporting these and other future health programs and projects.


  • Modernize website & mobile apps
  • Unify current released apps into one single app 
  • Sensor development
  • Collecting real-time sensor data 
  • Apply BIG DATA & machine learning techniques
  • Data security and protection
  • Marketing Plan
  • Apply for €1-2M funding to public Institutions such as EU_H2020  (expected payback ~2years)
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From data to decisions

  • Virtual Personal Trainer first e-Health Artificial Intelligent WEIGHT LOSS Platform (e-WeightLoss)
Virtual Personal Trainer project evolution
Virtual Personal Trainer project evolution
Virtual Personal Trainer e-Health & BIG DATA Platform
Virtual Personal Trainer e-Health & BIG DATA Platform

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