A Valentine's Day in Covid times

Healthy Valentine's Day
A healthy Valentine's Day even during Covid times


This is the first Valentine’s Day to be celebrated under a global pandemic. Past Valentines the focus has been on giving gifts, having dinner or going somewhere special to celebrate this very special day. However, this year all emphasis should be put on safety first.


With this in my mind, I have put together a list of ideas to celebrate this wonderful day without risking anyone's physical and mental health.  

  • Do not let this day to throw off your New Year’s resolutions. Try to keep "delicious" but highly caloric foods and deserts at distance.

For the lucky ones that can spend the day together:

  • Go for a romantic walk on top of a hill or beach with a nice view and better bring your picnic basket with your own choice of healthy foods. Being outdoors with the person you love is certainly a great healthy choice while being more safe in times of Coronavirus.

For the not so lucky ones, you can still spend the day together even at distance:

  • You could have a video cooking date. Just pick a healthy recipe and make it live via Skype or Zoom. This idea can work with anything that you enjoy doing together, including workout.

If working out together is part of your formula for today´s special day of love, here are some work out ideas you can do with your partner, either if you are physically together or only emotionally.


Enjoy your Valentine's Day ;-)



Note: if this day is absolutely out of your control, no worries ! you can always catch up with weight loss later on.

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    Christina Molla (Sunday, 21 February 2021 16:29)

    Wonderful article. Thanks VPT!