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 "Many people have been asking me to do this for a long time"


Now, you can enjoy the benefits of online video consulting. You can consult Virtual Personal Trainer without having to leave the comfort of your home. Get help and advice for WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT GAIN, LONG TERM WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, SPORTS NUTRITION, FITNESS PLANNING, AND MORE……

"People using Virtual Personal Trainer method can expect to lose 1‑2 lbs/week."
* Results may vary depending on the starting condition, goals and level of involvent.
** Check my publications in the Journal of Obesity & Overweight / EC Nutrition / Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control / etc.

 Through video consulting, I will help you to get into a fitness, weight loss (or gain) or maintenance mindset! 


This will not be just like other apps or websites that only use recorded edited videos. I will be the one taking care of your weight loss and fitness progress step by step and from the convenience of your home or wherever you are!


Video counseling is available in English or Spanish.


Usual price for one single session of personal training costs around $70-$90. My standard prices start as low as


$45 per one hour session!


But by purchasing a package deal, you will get 4 sessions + 1 free (save $45), which means


 $36 per session! 

How it works?

  1. Select the type of consulting you want
  2. Click "book now" and complete the payment. 
  3. Choose the day, the time and the preferred method of communication from the list of available slots at the calendar. If you have purchased the gold package, you can book all meetings now or leave it for later.

         As simple as that!!!


If you are not sure (undecided)


No problem! We can still video chat for 20 minutes to get to know each other and break the ice. I will explain to you how the counseling process works for you to think about it and join later if you are interested.

Do you prefer a package, pay as you go, or 1st contact?

. Number of consults (by video)*

. Customized plan

. Progress monitoring**

. Adjustments as needed**

. Price (one unique payment)

Gold Package




(1 free session)

$36 per session

Pay as you go



1st contact

1 (20 mins)


*Number of consults included in the option package or pay as you go. After the number of consults is completed, clients can buy a new package or pay as you go. The video chat will be done by Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom or another free video app, to be decided after booking.

**Progress monitoring and adjustments will be provided as needed until package completion. In case of pay as you go every consult will be treated independently without further monitoring and adjustments except in the case of recurrent clients.

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Note: All payments are in US$ and non recurring, one time payment only. Valid till number of consults is completed.


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Meet Virtual Personal Trainer

Besides myself, Virtual Personal Trainer counts on the collaboration of a group of highly talented people acting as External Advisory Board.

Virtual Personal Trainer
Jose 2012

Jose Alvarez, Virtual Personal Trainer's Founder & CEO - PhD Scientist & Dietician - Digital Developer


Technical & Medical  board 

. I. Alvarez, MD - Medical advisor 
JM Gutierrez, MSc - IT advisor



. S. Nagi, MSc - Content writer

.  M. Ailani, MSc - Content writer 

. P. McMullen, BSc - Content writer

Virtual Personal Trainer
Jose 2019
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"The only clinically and scientifically proven online training method"
- Journal of Obesity & Overweight / EC Nutrition / Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control

Thanks to Virtual Personal Trainer for making such a positive change in my lifestyle

Matthew, UK

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    VPT (Sunday, 31 July 2022 21:32)

    Hi Raiyan, I answered your question in the chat box. Cheers! Virtual Personal Trainer

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    Muy bien servicio. Sin duda, vale la pena.
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    A great pleasure talking to you yesterday Virtual Trainer. What a grace service!! highly recommended!

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    I enjoyed talking to you last week and truly thank you for your help. This week I lost 2 lbs as you told me :) Thanks a lot Virtual Trainer

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    With just 5 sessions, Virtual Personal Trainer has truly helped me out to reach my 26 lbs weight loss goal. I definitely recommend it to anyone. Thanks a lot!