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* Results may vary depending on the starting condition, goals and level of involvent.
** List of publications ( Journal of Obesity & Overweight / EC Nutrition / Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control / Etc.)

Welcome to our FREE Virtual Personal Trainer version. Getting fit by online training has never been so easy. Starting is as simple as following our new introductory page "Starting your own health plan" plus three simple steps: "Calculate your Ideal Weight & Healthiest Weight", "Food and fitness monitoring (key for weight loss), and getting active (free fitness routines for men and women), and two optional steps: "recommended Daily Calorie Intake, break down your calorie needs (optional), and two recommended readings. Just by following these simple steps you will be already set up and in the process of getting your weight loss and fitness goals. 


Furthermore, by following these links you will be able to "Track your moves" and "build your walking/running routine".

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Food intake recommendations for achieving a healthy weight should be ideally based on your own personal food preferences, following nutrient guidelines, breaking down calories into carbohydrates (45-65%), protein (10-35%) and fat (20-35%) needs for a successful weight loss implementation. 

Recommended readings

Weight loss and portion size
Weight loss and portion size
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Weight loss by coloring foods

virtual personal trainer weight checker app
Lose weight at the right rate

Food and Fitness Monitoring

Virtual Personal Trainer has scientifically proven that tracking what we eat, in a daily basis, can help us to reach our weight loss goals. Thus, I encourage you to use some tracking method in order to follow your process of getting your goals done. There are many online tools for this purpose. We hardly recommend and encourage you to use FITBIT tool/website. You can find an internet computer version and/or cell phone version (either for android phones, tablets or iphone). We suggest members better use the phone version since its easier to use in a daily basis. Phone users can easily load their food and workouts on the fly. Alternatively you can use the internet version over your computer whenever you are online. You can log your daily food, activities and weight updates under the log section you will find in this webpage. 


Alternatively, you can also use other online computer or phone apps such as NOON (for both workout and eating habits) or more workout/sport specific such as JEFIT. There are many other you can also use if you prefer.


Below you will find more information on how to use android FITBIT app from android (similarly for iphone apps and website users). We found this tool to be very intuitive and easy to use.

Fitbit updates

Fitbit is very dynamic. It is updated and upgraded in a regular basis. As such, some of the figures and features described bellow might change over time. Usually these are minor changes. However, if you find some changes that might affect your understanding of this Fitbit guide, please let me know and I will be happy to update this page with the relevant information in order to help you throughout the implementation of your free weight loss plan.

fitbit dashboard






Fitbit last update includes this new 


fitbit macros

The figure attached shows a screenshot of last Fitbit update. A Macronutrients chart has been added to the food logging page. This is actually quite useful and interesting since it allows you monitoring if you are truly following the recommended weight loss nutrition guidelines described above.

Virtual Personal Trainer's fitness trackers
Get fit by smart watch

Fitbit user guide

fitbit registering
  • 1. download app using the links above
  • 2. Register. Click on "Join Fitbit" -> "which tracker are you setting up?", scroll down and click on "No Fitbit Yet?" -> type email and password, then click on "Create an account". Fill in "about you" screen and save
fitbit menu
  • 3. Select menu (top left corner) ->"Account"->  "Settings" → set up your "Goals" (Activity, Nutrition & Body and Exercise) at step 4 (see below). Set up location, "Food database" ("United States", recommended), preferred "Units" (default recommended length cms, kms; weight kgs; water ml) and "Edit Your Profile" (type your name, birthday, height, current weight and gender) and "save"

fitbit goals
  • 4. Goals -> leave "Activity" to the values automatically selected by the app -> click on Nutrition & Body. Leave "Create food plan" for later (step 6) and "water" to the predetermined values. On Weight -> "set a goal weight" (for example "lose") -> "Goal Weight"(for example "80kgs") -> skip the "body fat goal" for the moment (you can add this value later on)
fitbit looks
  • 5. go back to dashboard. It should looks like something like this (changed with new Fitbit update)

  • 6. DASHBOARD -> “Start a Food plan”. At this point you will be able to create a food plan by clicking on “get started”. Then review your "starting" and "desired weight" and click "next". Pick the plan that fits you best (for example "medium")(you can change it later depending on your progress. See optional note below) -> "next" -> read screens and "next" -> Last page will give an estimated "time to reach our goal" and the "daily calorie deficit" we have created -> Click on "Save Plan" and finally our Food Plan is set up and we are ready to go.

  • 7. After creating your food plan, log your meals by going to DASHBOARD -> click on the "green circle/apple" icon (first pic). Type and log the food you had by clicking on the search symbol and fill in the blank square with the proper food words, search for the correct one and select it. 
virtual personal trainer weight loss calculator
Best weight loss calculator

fitbit add

Select the approximate "Serving size" and "meal or snack time" (for example breakfast, lunch or dinner) and "log this"

fitbit setting

Repeat the steps above for every food item and meal so that at the end of the day it will show up something like this. The total "calories in" (eaten) vs "calories out" (burnt) per day and an estimation of how close you are to your recommended calorie intake per day (calories left in your budget)(also see "Calculate your Daily Calorie" below). In addition, the app will provide you with information regarding your weekly calorie goals.

fitbit water

  • 9. If applicable, log your activity -> DASHBOARD → "orange circle/running" icon → log your activity by directly "tracking" your activity and click "play" symbol or selecting "Log Previous" (for example: walk), search and select walk → load "time", "duration", "distance(if applicable)", "calories" and click "log it". Note: The app can calculate automatically the amount of calories burnt based on the details you provided or optionally you can add it manually.
  • Optional (discontinued): Alternatively you can choose Virtual Personal Trainer to be the one to personally monitor your progress and make changes in your fitness or weight loss profile as necessary. In this case Virtual Personal Trainer will be adapting your profile and goals depending on your progress. Click below for more information on online fitness and weight loss programs.

  • 10. You can always monitor both your weight and fitness activities progress. By -> DASHBOARD ->  "yellow circle/weighing scale" icon and left/right scrolling on the screen. Or clicking on the small square in the right top side you will be able to monitor your weight over time. By -> DASHBOARD - > "orange running" icon -> left/right scrolling on your phone screen, you should be able to monitor your fitness activities over time. If you are intending to lose or maintain your weight in a regular basis, you should also update your weight progress by -> DASHBOARD -> "yellow weighing scale" icon -> log in your updated weight (and body fat optionally) so that you can properly follow your progress later on.

Fitbit logs

You can click below to load your food, activity and weight logs directly from your computer

Here is a more comprehensive Fitbit tool/app manual

Also visit my blog for plenty of weight loss and fitness tips

After following these  simple steps you are all set up and ready to lose weight and getting fit ;-) Enjoy it! VPT

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