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"Smart Vibes" (activity calculator)

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A mobile app plus personalised smart watch styles and activity calculator (number of steps, distance, burned calories, time and chronometer), all-in-one!. It can even calculate your activity (or equivalent walking distance) while standing up at home or your office.


"Smart Vibes" measures your activity vibes (body moves with distance and speed adjustments), together with the number of steps, distance and burned calories depending on your activity level. From standing up at work or home to high intensity activities such as speed running. Simple to use. Just select your activity and you are all set up.




1) different color styles. Select your favourite displaying background colours, the ones the better suit your likes

2) two modes: auto or manual mode. Mode auto: Allows you to select either standing up, slow, normal or brisk walk, normal or fast running, and sensitivity will be automatically adjusted. Mode manual: allows you to select the sensitivity manually (range 1-10)

3) Step counter, Distance and Calories calculator.

4) Time and Chronometer

5) Three alarms beeps and motivational popup alerts messages are pre-setup. The first one will run after reaching the first 3kms (1.9miles)(the minimum activity recommended by the WHO); second, after 7.5kms (4.7miles); and third after 10kms (6.2miles).

6) NO GPS needed (saving considerable amount of battery)

7) Initial testing shows Smart Vibes outperform other similar step counters, pedometers...


Supported units: meters (feet); kilometers (miles)


*Known issue: some Android phones might kill or stop "Smart Vibes" when multiusing with other apps or after screen lock. To avoid these potential issues make sure your screen lock is set off, your phone settings allow the app working in the background (or add "Smart Vibes" to your memory clean white list), and let the app running in the background.

**To avoid multitasking and excessive battery consumption use the chronometer occasionally, for example, measuring different running speeds, etc.

***Distance and Calories Burned calculations are only approximate. Exact distance calculations depends on the precision of your smart phone sensors as well as your calibration settings. Exactly how many calories you burn per km or mile depends on your weight, metabolism (age, sex, health and fitness status) and work out intensity (speed).


**Disclaimer** The information produced by this app is provided for adults and educational purposes only. People with serious health issues should consult a Doctor before doing any physical activity © Virtual Personal Trainer 2013

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