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×Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW #inspirationalquotes
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Virtual Personal Trainer featured at Starter Story
Featured at Starter Story

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Experts recommend eating three servings of whole grains a day, such as brown rice, oatmeal, popcorn, whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers, as it is linked to weight loss and lower body weight.
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"People using Virtual Personal Trainer method can expect to lose 1‑2 lbs/week."
* Results may vary depending on the starting condition, goals and level of involvent.
- Journal of Obesity & Overweight / EC Nutrition / Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control

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"With effort Online Personal Training  will make you happy"

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"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort" - Elizabeth Gilbert

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Virtual Personal Trainer is a fully Qualified Online Personal Training Website that combines a revolutionary long-term weight loss methodology (Scientifically proven), modern technologies and Science to provide free fitness training, weight loss/gain and health care programs. We offer FREE Online Personal Training as well as Customized fitness training, weight loss, weight gain and health apps. You will get plenty of online motivation and encouragement via our free programs or alternatively through our FREE and Personalized apps specifically designed to meet your goals. Virtual Personal Trainer intends to create a life style habit to keep your body fit and healthy, and importantly preventing heart disease, extending your life expectancy and building your happiness and success.

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Virtual Personal Trainer Method

Online personal training method

Virtual Personal Trainer uses a combination of logical and intuitive online tools with a simple Energy Balance concept: "whatever comes IN (extra calorie intake (food and drinks)), must come OUT (physical activity/right nutrition)" together with other science concepts and a very unique and revolutionary Clinically tested, validated and Scientifically proven long-term weight loss method, tools and apps aiming to set the right Ideal Weight for you  (your "Healthiest Area") and achieve your fitness and wellness goals

"Creating healthy lifestyle habits"

A revolutionary scientifically proven weight loss method, tools and apps
A revolutionary scientifically proven weight loss method, tools and apps
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And most important...... "Our method ONLY BALANCE YOUR Meal Habits, it does not sacrifice the foods you love"

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Why Online Personal Training?

The 12+1 reasons
#1 - Thanks to the new online technologies, Virtual Personal Trainer offers free weight loss, fitness and health programs
#2 - no food sacrificing!. Our Online Weight Loss method uses a "Balanced Diet" concept, without sacrificing the foods you love
#3 - Online personal training, no equipment required!. With online training, you only need a floor
#4 - Simple online fitness / health training and weight loss / weight gain method. Just log on your computer or cell phone. Virtual Personal Trainer only uses modern technologies
#5 - practised anywhere. Both our free online training programs and mobile apps can be practised anywhere. Location does not matter!!
#6 - Health, fitness and weight loss/gain programs that need No magic drugs/chemicals!
#7 - No lies or fake news!. Our method, tools & apps are Scientifically Proven
#8 - Effective online personal trainer. Tested/proved effective by clinical studies and hundred of users
#9 - Convenient. Online Personal Training available when and wherever you want
#10 - Up to date online personal trainer. Frequently updated, offering the latest research and topics in the area
#11 - LIVE online personal training support. Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you out whenever you need support
#12 - Integrative healthcare, technology and social networks method
#13 - Innovative method of promoting health



" The only clinically and scientifically proven online training website"
- Journal of Obesity & Overweight / EC Nutrition / Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control

100% free healthy weight programs

Virtual Personal Trainer is different because it really helps you succeed

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What I have seen in my body, my mind and my overall health is amazing

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Thank you for making such a positive change in my life

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All the motivation you need to reach your goals

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The best weight loss guidance I ever had

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The most efficient online training approach

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It totally transformed me into a healthier version of myself

Dani, Italy

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Besides myself, Virtual Personal Trainer counts on the collaboration of a group of highly talented people acting as External Advisory Board.

Virtual Personal Trainer
Jose 2012

Jose Alvarez, Virtual Personal Trainer's Founder & CEO - PhD Scientist & Dietician


Technical & Medical  board 

. I. Alvarez, MD - Medical advisor 
JM Gutierrez, MSc - IT advisor



. I. Vulcan, MSc - Content writer 

. P. McMullen, BSc - Content writer

. R. García, MSc - Spanish translator

Virtual Personal Trainer
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100% free healthy weight programs
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Virtual Personal Trainer also publishes daily inspirational quotes, weekly tasks, and fitness, weight loss and health news and tips through our blog and social networksFOLLOW US! Furthermore, our Editorial Board publishes research studies and regular articles tackling various topics of interest, some of them requested by our users. In the following section you can find our latest editorial articles.

Weight Loss by Coloring Foods

Coloring red, yellow and green can me you slim
Coloring red, yellow and green can me you slim

Virtual Personal Trainer's philosophy does not consist of telling what to eat as food choices vary across cultures and personal likes. So, for long-term weight loss and maintenance, I rather recommend to choosing foods wisely. Being more specific, focusing on “calorie density”  (i.e. how many calories are contained in a particular meal), can be fundamental for healthy eating and a sustainable Ideal Weight. For example, a full bowl of french fries is much denser and has a lot more calories than a bowl of mandarins because mandarins have more water.


Thus, the idea behind is to color foods by calorie density, using different colors: green, yellow, and red, from light to higher calories, and organizing our meal choices wisely so that we always and unconsciously eat healthily.

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From One to 100 Push-ups, in a Row - Part 2

virtual personal trainer distance calorie app
Turning routes into distance and calories
Going from one to one hundred push-ups in a row
Going from 1 to 100 push-ups - Part 2

In the previous article we tackled how to do push-ups properly, the different kinds of push-ups, how to enjoy doing it, and its benefits. In this section, we move from the theory to the practice, I will review the potential issues we may encounter as well as future steps.

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From One to 100 Push-ups, in a Row

Going from one to one hundred push-ups in a row
Going from 1 to 100 push-ups

It was the end of summer and, together with losing a few pounds, going from one to 100 push-ups was my best complimentary fitness goal. But, rather than, how I did manage to do so, some of the most intriguing questions were … How do I know I am doing push-ups correctly?, and how can I, a person who was not a fan of working out at all, make of doing push-ups something that is actually enjoyable?

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Best weight loss calculator

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Virtual Personal Trainer will be happy to publish fresh weight loss, fitness and health's ideas, blogs or articles from professional dieticians, fitness trainers or students that will appeal to our readers. If you have something unique to share the world, we would love to hear from you. We can not promise to publish it, but we do promise to read it carefully and make the best of it for free publication in our website. Note: submitted articles are subjected to editorial review, must be unique, and not published elsewhere. 

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Stress and Weight Gain - Part 2

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what's your body health?
The relationship between stress and Weight Gain
The relationship between Stress and Weight Gain


How your body and mind understand the states of "emergency"


Stress and weight gain are related to each other, like "cousins". In the first part of this series, we explored a very common psychological reaction to stress – emotional eating. Now, we dive into a physical response, triggered by the hormone cortisol.

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Stress and Weight Gain

The relationship between stress and Weight Gain
The relationship between Stress and Weight Gain

How your mind and body interpret your states of "emergency"


Stress and weight gain often go hand in hand, so understanding your behavioural patterns in stressful situations can do wonders for your waistline, as well as your general health and wellbeing.


We live in a stress-full culture, so it is understandable if the efforts necessary to maintain or obtain the “perfect” weight and body shape just seem impossible sometimes. We should also reject all the body-shaming we “normal” people face – and subject ourselves to – when compared to the “beautiful” people championed by the media. Our cultural standards of beauty are often unattainable and just become another source of chronic dissatisfaction and stress. However, rejecting harmful standards doesn’t mean we should also reject sensible health recommendations. There is a proven link between chronic stress and weight gain, as well as a serious illness.

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How Salt Intake Contributes to Weight Gain

How Salt Intake Contributes to Weight Gain
Salt and weight gain

Salt is arguably the most common seasoning in America and is used in a variety of foods. It is so prevalent that it is not at all uncommon for any given recipe to call for at least a pinch of salt. But while everyone knows that excessive salt intake can increase blood pressure, do people know how salt contributes to weight gain?


The most minor form of weight gain comes from water absorption since salt naturally has high water retention. It can show up on the weight scale as a few extra pounds, but the bigger problem with salt lies in how it encourages overeating. Part of the reason salt is so popular is because it can easily enhance a food’s taste, and this can lead to increased food consumption. It is also not uncommon for salted meals to encourage thirst, which will encourage people to reach for high-calorie beverages like soda and sweet tea. It is part of the reason that salt consumption has been linked to obesity.

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The only dietary supplements you need

coffee and weight loss
Coffee: the natural fat burner
dietary supplements,diet,weight loss
Best dietary supplements

A visit to the health food store can be an experience. It is tough to choose from among the huge variety dietary and nutritional supplements on the shelf. From vitamins to minerals to weight loss pills, there are thousands of options to choose from. But ....

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The magic of olive oil

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benefits of olive oil
Healthy living with olive oil

Being originally from Spain my compatriots will be disappointed if i do not dedicate one of my blogs to this wonder of nature. Olive oil, which is rich in monoinsaturated fatty acids, is a major component of the Mediterranean diet.

But what is olive oil?

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The secrets of an unhealthy body shape

the secrets of an unhealthy body
the secrets of an unhealthy body

Often, losing weight is not fair. In many cases nothing show up after all the effort and attention you put into your weight loss goal. The topic of the last few articles was meant to look at the most typical reasons why people might fail at weight loss.

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More exercise, better heart


Higher Muscle Mass May Boost Your Immune System


Ultraprocessed foods make you eat more


A minimum of 150mins/week of activity during lockdown


Boosting your immune system to fight Coronavirus


Low carb diet might prevent brain damage


Processed foods compromise our food perception


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