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Meet our new Virtual Personal Trainer Business Executive Program
Meet our new Business Executive Program

You have been driving your career and professional growth for years. Now you are successful but without enough time during the day. But how will you maintain a necessary balance in life to continue to achieve the personal and professional success?


As an executive in today’s world you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your professional stature. But unfortunately very often the first area to suffer is your personal health (usually manifested as overweighting or obesity) and fitness, even though having strong health and stamina are critical components to achieving professional successVirtual Personal Trainer Business program provides a unique science-based approach to developing solutions for our executive clients’ Health, Ideal Weight (weight loss) and Fitness needs. By now you have learned to succeed by working smarter, not harder than the rest.


At Virtual Personal Trainer a scientific approach to exercise, smart calorie ingestion and a healthy lifestyle philosophy allows you to do the same in your quest for optimal health and performance. Being time efficient with your health, weight and fitness allows you the freedom to do more with your life. Let Virtual Personal Trainer Business Executive program to help you to get the results you want. Our Business executive program brings a unique understanding of all the needs of today’s most demanding executives. We will work with you to design a personalised health, weight loss and fitness program in order to balance your rigorous schedule with your desire to achieve your personal health, ideal weight and fitness goals. Our unique method and experienced personal will create a customised program to suit all your specific needs.


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Monthly Personalized fitness / weight loss / weight gain programs matching your hectic schedule. We have successfully implemented fitness routines for busy professionals starting as short as 3 minutes per day


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** This program has been discontinued **

Please contact us if you interested in this program and we will try to find you an alternative through our network of virtual personal trainers.