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Introducing our enhanced BMI (eBMI) Android app powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) models, designed to boost your health.



  • Our ML algorithms analyzed a huge amount of datasets to refine the traditional BMI formula, ensuring  precision in your BMI predictions and health assessments.
  • Our app utilizes advanced ML technology to provide accurate BMI predictions and health insights. By using. our app you will receive personalized recommendations to support your health journey.
  • Your personal health is unique, and our app offers customized insights aiming to support you in adopting effective strategies to boost your health and lifestyle by providing ML-based predictions about your current BMI and health status.
  • Scientifically proven (Read article).
eBMI screenshots
eBMI screenshots
  • Our app serves as a complement of your daily habits with the latest state-of-the-art ML technologies. Utilizing a wide variety of ML models trained with data from over 5000 individuals, we have selected the most accurate models for BMI predictions using a user-friendly interface.
  • Accessing your health data is simple and convenient, helping you to make informed decisions about your well-being with just one single click.
  • Periodically using our eBMI app will help you to monitor your predicted BMI, allowing you to track your health statues and make adjustments as needed, providing an effective approach to improve your health.
  • Trust and transparency are on top of our priorities. Your data privacy is safeguarded and your information is private and never utilized for third-party purposes. eBMI app adheres to stringent security protocols to ensure that your personal information remains confidential and secure, only accessible by yourself on your phone.

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Are you interested in the eBMI PRO features?

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Unlock Advanced Features with Pro Version

Extra features:

  1. Scientific Graphical View: Visualize BMI values and categories versus ML model predictions for deeper insights.
  2. Enhanced ML Model Predictions: Benefit from further enhancements to our predictive models for even more accurate results.
  3. Detailed HWA Analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your Healthy Weight Area based on all-cause mortality parameters.
  4. Customized Options: Tailor your analysis with ethnicity, body composition, athlete/bodybuilder, pregnancy, and disease history options.
  5. All-Cause Mortality Analytics: Access analytics on your likelihood to experience mortality from any cause, providing invaluable insights into your overall health.

PRO options:

  • Option 1: Expert Assessment (AI/ML option)
  • Option 2: PRO access to Nutritionists, Dieticians, or other Healthcare Professionals (Contact us)


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