virtual personal trainer scientifically and clinically proven
News · 31. December 2022
We are glad to announce that Virtual Personal Trainer's Long-Term Weight Loss / Management methodologies has been clinically tested and recently scientifically proven and validated. Thank you for your support and following us throughout the years.
Virtual Personal Trainer's tip of the week
New resolutions · 17. January 2022
Up to a healthier lifestyle or new resolution? Meet your "WEEKLY TASK"(to be done daily)

café y adelgazamiento
Artículos en español · 17. January 2022
Semana #2 (Enero) La Navidad y la víspera de Año Nuevo son épocas en las que solemos celebrar y comer y beber mucho, incluso aquello que no es particularmente saludable. Pero la temporada navideña ha terminado ya, así que es hora de quemar esas calorías y kilos de más. Aquí llevas algunos consejos y trucos para (re) animarte a perder peso: ¿Tienes algunas sobras? ¡Úsalas creativamente!. Evita las ofertas festivas persistentes. Implementa una rutina de entrenamiento y sobre todo...
Music and exercise performance
Motivation · 15. January 2022
Just as there is no single diet designed for all of us; there is not a specific or right way to exercise and train our body. However, many people enjoy their training with a certain type of music in the background, helping them feel motivated and wanting to give more of themselves. Music creates a "rhythm response" says Scientific American.

virtual personal trainer one click to health app
New resolutions · 01. January 2022
Here is the idea: rather than thinking 24/7 about how many kgs/pounds I have gained this past Christmas season, as a new year resolution for 2022, how about I stop complaining and I immediately do something about it? Wish just a few logical tips, I will tell you a new way to harness science, leading to a successful calorie (fat) burning that will finally get you back in shape.
happy new 2022
31. December 2021
Virtual Personal Trainer wishes you a healthy and happy new year 2022! This new year, I will continue to provide the same level of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation, together with tons of new weight loss, fitness and health tips specially designed for you. Thank you for following VPT!

tips to avoid weight gain during christmas
Weight loss · 27. December 2021
As mentioned in our previous article, gaining some weight during holidays it is common but this can compromise our health and make more difficult to go back on track later on. The former article focused on creating a pre-holidays nutrition mind set, the most important first step to this challenge. This article will tackle a few remaining adjustments aiming to succeed in our maintenance or weight loss goals during this coming holiday season.
I wish you a Merry Christmas
22. December 2021

virtual personal trainer weight loss calculator
Weight loss · 15. December 2021
It is common to gain some weight during any holiday season. We are, in general, eating any kinds of foods and much more than usually because we tend to socialize more, which give us less time to plan ahead. While it may be tempting to put healthy habits in the "waiting list" and get back on track after holidays, doing so can compromise our health or even making it more difficult to reach our maintenance or weight loss goals later on. With only a few adjustments, it is possible to maintain, or...
Smartphones and weight loss
Weight loss · 01. December 2021
Obesity / overweight problems are the # 1 cause of death in many countries, particularly in USA. There are many ways to approach weight loss. Some ways involve spending quite a lot on gym memberships or nutrition specialists. Others may involve spending nothing but your courage to do so. But other not very popular ways to approach weight loss are actually quite effective, and may even be faster and produce amazing results.

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