virtual personal trainer scientifically and clinically proven
News · 31. December 2021
We are glad to announce that Virtual Personal Trainer's Long-Term Weight Loss / Management methodologies has been clinically tested and recently scientifically proven and validated. Thank you for your support and following us throughout the years.

virtual personal trainer weight loss calculator
Weight loss · 01. April 2021
This COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives: from virtual meetings to telecommuting to go to work and changing meals habit to adapt to compulsory lockdowns. Observing public health measures and reducing exposure to the virus is fundamental to reduce the spread of this virus. While current vaccination programs are making things closer to normality, the current situation is giving us an amazing opportunity to get rid of some extra pounds (kg) and getting back in...
Coloring red, yellow and green can me you slim
Weight loss · 01. March 2021
Virtual Personal Trainer's philosophy does not consist of telling what to eat as food choices vary across cultures and personal likes. So, for long-term weight loss and maintenance, I rather recommend to choosing foods wisely. Being more specific, focusing on “calorie density” (i.e. how many calories are contained in a particular meal), can be fundamental for healthy eating and a sustainable Ideal Weight. For example, a full bowl of french fries is much denser and has a lot more calories...

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Fitness · 15. February 2021
In the previous article we tackled how to do push-ups properly, the different kinds of push-ups, how to enjoy doing it, and its benefits. In this section, we move from the theory to the practice, I will review the potential issues we may encounter as well as future steps.
Healthy Valentine's Day
14. February 2021
This is the first Valentine’s Day to be celebrated under a global pandemic. Past Valentines the focus has been on giving gifts, having dinner or going somewhere special to celebrate this very special day. However, this year all emphasis should be put on safety first. With this in my mind, I have put together a list of ideas to celebrate this wonderful day without risking anyone's physical and mental health. Do not let this day to throw off your New Year’s resolutions. Try to keep...

los secretos detrás de un cuerpo insano
Artículos en español · 08. February 2021
A menudo perder peso puede ser un proceso injusto. En muchos casos, no obtenemos el resultado que queremos después de todo el esfuerzo y la atención que ponemos en nuestro objetivo de perder de peso. Mis últimos artículos estaban destinados a analizar las razones más típicas por las que las personas pueden fallar en el objetivo de pérdida de peso. Al leer estos artículos, es posible que haya visto una imagen de usted mismo, por lo que es de esperar que estas sugerencias puedan ayudarlo...
El único Entrenador Virtual con apps personalizadas
Artículos en español · 07. February 2021
En el artículo anterior hablamos sobre cómo repercuten negativamente en la pérdida de peso comer demasiadas calorías y establecer metas incorrectas. En este artículo, seguiremos abordando las razones más comunes por las que las personas no consiguen bajar de peso. A lo largo de la lectura de este artículo, es posible que te sientas identificado. Con suerte, estas sugerencias podrían ayudarte a romper con el ciclo interminable de resistencia a la pérdida de peso y empezar a ver...

Going from one to one hundred push-ups in a row
Fitness · 01. February 2021
It was the end of summer and, together with losing a few pounds, going from one to 100 push-ups was my best complimentary fitness goal. But, rather than, how I did manage to do so, some of the most intriguing questions were … How do I know I am doing push-ups correctly?, and how can I, a person who was not a fan of working out at all, make of doing push-ups something that is actually enjoyable?
1-click to health Android app
Health · 20. January 2021
How your body and mind understand the states of "emergency" Stress and weight gain are related to each other, like "cousins". In the first part of this series, we explored a very common psychological reaction to stress – emotional eating. Now, we dive into a physical response, triggered by the hormone cortisol.

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