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             Step 1

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Understanding the theory

In order to start with a new resolution such as weight loss/fitness plan, the first logical step would be to assess our current health status.


The BMI (Body Mass Index) is a valid measurement of weight in relation to health. It is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adults (Age 2-19 BMI). Due to its ease of measurement and calculation, it is the most widely used diagnostic indicator to identify a person's optimal weight depending on his height. Your BMI "number" will inform you if you are at any of these categories: underweight (<18.5), normal (18.5-25), overweight (25-30), or obese (>30). However, due to the wide variety of body types, the distribution of muscle and bone mass, etc., it is not appropriate to use this as the only or final indication for diagnosis (NIH BMIWikipedia BMI)

Ideal Weight and Healthiest Area

Knowing your Ideal Body Weight is the first significant step towards reaching good health. Improper weight management may lead to many lifestyle diseases. The Ideal body Weight for adults should provide us with the appropriate weight for a given height. From BMI measures we can calculate the first draft of an Ideal Weight just by obtaining the maximum-minimum BMI range for a given height. However, this measure is "static" non predictive, it does not take into account the probability of being unhealthy or going back to an unhealthy status. Virtual Personal Trainer introduces a new measurement called the Healthiest Area (HA), which is a sort of Normalized Ideal BMI Weight with predictive features, that is, the "Healthiest BMI Ideal Weight" in order to avoid potential unhealthy situations such as over- or underweight, as well as helping you to achieve long-term Weight Loss success (read more ...  BMI vs HA)

ideal weight step 2

              Step 2

The "one-click-to-health" tools

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 - One click away to know your current and future health status -

You can use this tool to determine your ideal and healthiest body weight. One-click-to health tool can help you determine if you should be considering a meal or fitness plan. Your BMI, BMR & TDEE, Ideal Weight and Healthiest Area (SAFE LINE in the graphic) measures will give you an idea of your current health status so that you can use this information as starting point for designing your weight loss / fitness plan.

The graphic besides shows an interpretation of part of the results generated by the "one-click-to-health" tool. The color schematic shows the predicted current and future health/fitness status for an individual. RED = represents overweight; PINK = overweight probability; BLUE = healthy/fit; GREEN = underweight probability; and YELLOW = underweight.

The tool below provides all health measurements and predictions with only one click. It is intended for adult people and should only be used as a guide. 

the healthiest weight by Virtual Personal Trainer
SAFE LINE=the healthiest area

Please select Gender: Age:  Activity level:
Please select Height: english or metric (not both)
and current Weight: in lbs(english)/kgs(metric)

Disclaimer: The information produced by this tool is provided for educational purposes only. This information should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any health issue.
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        Step 3 and 4

donations ideal weight step 3

Developing an action plan

Once we know our health/fitness status, the next obvious step is creating an action plan. Upon using the "one-click-to-health" tool above you will get a link on how to create an action plan that actually works. This 3rd step will be available for all BMI and Weight categories.

The secret last step

Step 4, the last step (not the less important) is a secret step for the moment. Upon using the one-click tool above, the answer to this secret step will be available to people classified under the healthy and fit category only. Also available to very smart people who manage to trick the tool to get into that step. Good luck! ;-)


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