Free Fitness Routines for men

Below you will find some customized fitness routines we have created using JEFIT website. The first routine is intended for fast weight loss (best and fastest results in combination with the right daily calorie intake - see start for free now) and the second for keeping the right fit body and weight over time (maintenance routine). Alternatively you can sign up for some of our personalized programs in order to meet your exact fitness or weight loss goals. 

Alternatively, you can follow or even create your own routines using other websites or phone apps such as NOON (for both workout and eating habits) or more workout/sport specific such as ENDOMONDO or JEFIT. There are many other available website and apps both paid or for free you can also use if you prefer. 

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Quick reminders before you start

Aerobic vs anaerobic exercises


Aerobic exercise (lower intensity training: jogging, running, cardio) increases your endurance and cardiac health while anaerobic exercise (higher intensity training: weight training, calisthenic) will help you to burn a bit less fat than with aerobic but it will also help you gain lean muscle mass. If you are trying to lose weight faster Virtual Personal Trainer recommend you to concentrate more on aerobic exercising. However if you are intending to gain muscle we recommend you to concentrate on anaerobic exercising. Most fitness trainers try to focus in only one type, aerobic or anaerobic exercises. Virtual Personal Trainer uniqueness however come from promoting a balance between both aerobic and anaerobic exercising.

Interval Training, speed and resting time


Interval Training refers to doing almost any type of exercise at a variable pace. For example, if you are walking or doing push-ups, vary the pace of the exercise. You can walk normally for a minute or so, and then speed up a bit, and then return to normal speed several times. For exercises like push-ups, do a few slowly and do others more quickly and, like walking, repeat these faster and slower intervals several times. Interval training helps the body to adjust its aerobic system (heart rate, breathing, and metabolism) to burn more calories to lose weight and strengthen and tune muscles. Allow Interval Training to arrange your exercise routine for better and faster results. 


Introducing short bouts of vigorous activity can speed up weight loss and also cut your workout time by a half or more. Researchers found that people who speed up exercises slimmed down faster than steady-paced exercisers who worked out twice as long even without dieting! In other words, If you do speed up both your aerobic and anaerobic workout and also follow some sort of food plan you will for sure speed up your weight loss even moreFurthermore, making your resting time between exercises shorter or even allowing no rest at all will also contribute to burn calories faster. This feature is also unique from Virtual Personal Trainer weight loss programs. 


However, if you are intending muscle or strength gain you should allow some sort of resting time between sets. Both your muscles and central nervous system need time to recover from the effort of lifting very heavy weights, and failing to rest long enough will prevent you from lifting heavy on your next set and even slow your recovery for your next workout. 60-90 seconds between sets is in principle a good guideline.

Setting new fitness goals


Virtual Personal Trainer unique method sets different fitness goals at different timings. The reason is to avoid potential "fitness plateaus". A fitness plateau is what happens when an earlier effective workout is not making any obvious result anymore. The plateau might even cause boredom, the false impression that the fitness plan is not working anymore and for some people the feeling of quitting at this point. In other words, if you reach this point the intensity and/or frequency of the workout you were doing earlier is not making any changes in your fitness anymore most likely because your body got used to it already. In this case you should be able to raise the intensity and/or frequency of the workout or combine with other type of exercises in order to continue your fitness progression. For example, when i was doing my first push ups with 223 lbs (101 kgs) I was only able to do 10-15 at once. After a few weeks i needed to raise it 25, then 50 and then another 50 at once and today with 143 lbs (65 kgs) I need to combine one set of 100-120 quick push ups (no resting time) with some sets of 100-200 quick abs and 5-7kms cardio per day in order to maintain my body fit. 

This simple routine will help you to lose weight and starting to make you fit

Abs routine
Working out your abs

Timer, resting time between sets.

Reps, repetitions. Sets, number of sets.

Chest and triceps routine
Working out your chest and triceps

The total routine time should take you about 30-40 mins to complete. You should be able to increase the number of repetitions or sets as you notice progress on your fitness. We recommend to follow this routine at least 3 times a week though the more you do (perfect if every day), the faster your results ;-)

walking/running routine
Walking or running

Either walking or running

Alternatively or complementary to our food intake tips (see start for free now) and fitness routines we recommend at least 30 mins of cardio work out every day, either walking or running, the faster the better. For lazy runners, a simple 30mins walk (3-4kms) in a daily basis is perfectly indicated for fast results.

This simple routine will keep you fit (Maintenance routine)

abs workout
7 mins abs

Oblique crunches, 20repetitions each side

push ups workout
3 mins push ups

50 narrow-arms push ups, 50 widely open arms

The total routine time should take you about 10 mins to complete, only 1 set each exercise, no rest. You should be able to increase the number of repetitions as you notice progress on your fitness. Since this can be considered as a "mininum workout" we recommend you to follow this routine 7 days a week. Also read our "minimum workout" blog

walking/running routine
Walking or running

Either walking or running

Plus in addition to the 10 mins calisthenic routine above we recommend at least 20-30 mins of cardio work out every day, either walking or running, the faster the better. 

Visit our blog for more fitness tips

Alternatively Virtual Personal Trainer can design more specific personalized programs in order to meet your exact fitness or weight loss goals. 

Do you want to be part of an experimental health program? tell us your experience with our free fitness routines


We encourage you to test what has been discussed on this blog by yourself and let us know about your experience, your progress and achievements in the comments section belowThe results of these experimental program will be presented at international conferences and hopefully published in high impact medical and scientist journals. Your involvement and interaction as well as your contribution is important for us since the information and voluntary donations you provide will be further used for adapting, modifying and improving our programs.


Important notice 

Virtual Personal Trainer approach is recommended for healthy adults only. This site is not intended for use by minors or individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are specifically advised to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any fitness or nutrition effort or program.

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