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Online Consulting: Get expert advice

Enjoy the benefits of online consulting. You can consult an Expert Dietitian, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer without having to leave the comfort of your home. Get help and advice for WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT GAIN, LONG TERM WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, SPORTS NUTRITION AND MORE……

Virtual Personal Trainer consultancy


Online consulting is carried out in the same way as a regular consultation but via priority email rather than in person.


During the session an specialist on the specific area of consulting will be assigned to cover your case.

Personalised fitness and weight loss plans


The specialist assigned to each case will cover the following: 

  • Your goals and what you hope to achieve
  • Assessment of your ideal weight, goals, schedule etc 
  • Analysis of your current habits (food and activity)
  • An individualised plan will be constructed for you, together with tips for healthy foods and snack ideas, and the activities that better suit your life style and schedule
weight loss assessment


A copy of your weight and/or fitness plan along with any relevant resources will be sent to you in the form of .pdf file or **NEW** mobile app (optional)

Prefer a package or pay as you go (complete evaluation)?

For Complete Evaluation, after making your payment below please complete the form provided by clicking on CLICK HERE below. For "Pay as you go" Consult for different reasons(no Complete Evaluation), after making your payment below (by selecting the "Evaluation (50%off)" option) please Contact Us here explaining in detail your consult. For Free Evaluation please click on this link >> CLICK HERE. Differences between free and complete evaluation detailed on the left link.

Promo! 50% discount on all our consultancy packages

Offer expires on the 1st of February 2018

.Number of consults (via priority email)*

.Personalized Weight/fitness Plan

.Progress monitoring**

.Incorporate adjustments as needed**

.Price (one unique payment)

Gold Package+app



Silver Package +app



Basic Package



Pay as you go




*Number of consults included in the option package or pay as you go. After the number of consults is completed, clients can buy a new package or pay as you go

**Progress monitoring and adjustments will be provided as needed until package completion. In case of pay as you go every consult will be treated independently without further monitoring and adjustments except in the case of recurrent clients.

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  • offer expired

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Note: All payments are in US$ and non recurring, one time payment only. Valid till number of consults is completed.

** This program has been discontinued. Only app available **

Please contact us if you interested in this program and we will try to find you an alternative through our network of virtual personal trainers.