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How protected are you from COVID-19, Monkeypox and other diseases?

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Ideal weight and disease resistance
Healthy weight and disease resistance

As the cases of the virus causing Monkeypox are expanding across the world and the scientific community still trying to understand what the cause might be, the current situation is raising concerns while bringing up the memories of early Coronavirus days.


Although the World Health Organization says that Monkeypox is not likely to cause another pandemic, since a) it is not a recently discovered new virus, and b) it is not spreading at the same speed as COVID-19, you might be wondering ... how protected am I from other epidemics/pandemics to come?.

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Weight Loss During Pandemic Times

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losing weight during the pandemic is possible with Virtual Personal Trainer
Losing weight during the pandemic is possible

This COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives: from virtual meetings to telecommuting to go to work and changing meals habit to adapt to compulsory lockdowns. Observing public health measures and reducing exposure to the virus is fundamental to reduce the spread of this virus. While current vaccination programs are making things closer to normality, the current situation is giving us an amazing opportunity to get rid of some extra pounds (kg) and getting back in shape for the coming summer.


Here are some tips to improve our chances of succeeding with our weight loss (getting back in shape) plan.

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A Valentine's Day in Covid times

Healthy Valentine's Day
A healthy Valentine's Day even during Covid times


This is the first Valentine’s Day to be celebrated under a global pandemic. Past Valentines the focus has been on giving gifts, having dinner or going somewhere special to celebrate this very special day. However, this year all emphasis should be put on safety first.


With this in my mind, I have put together a list of ideas to celebrate this wonderful day without risking anyone's physical and mental health.  

  • Do not let this day to throw off your New Year’s resolutions. Try to keep "delicious" but highly caloric foods and deserts at distance.
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Technology to enhance health during pandemics

Technologies to help in coronavirus
Technologies that are helping to fight Coronavirus

UPDATE: Extra-Weight May Increase the Risk of Severe Coronavirus 


Current Coronavirus pandemics represent one of the greatest challenges of humanity. With millions of reported infections and deaths around the world, it looks like we are still far to be back to our previous "normal". Digital technology is being used in different ways, from tracking and tracing apps to very sophisticated AI-based tech for early diagnosis and prevention. In the meantime, novel innovations are currently being tested while are needed more than ever. In addition, there is a need for updating the normative for the rapid testing, approval, and application of these new technologies into real life. Here I will introduce the current developments and the new technologies being tested to help to fight and improve health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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Back in shape after coronavirus - Part 2

Post-coronavirus weightloss challenge - part 2
Post-coronavirus challenge - part 2

As mentioned in our previous article, weight gain due to lack of activity during coronavirus lockdown could have compromised our health and make more challenging to go back on track after. The former article focused on re-creating a nutrition mind set, the most important first step in this challenge. This complementary article will tackle a few remaining mindset adjustments aiming to succeed in our post-pandemic weight loss / maintenance / back in shape goals. 

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Back in shape after coronavirus

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Going back in shape after coronavirus
Post coronavirus challenge - part 1

It would be normal if you have gained some extra weight due to coronavirus crisis. Many governments have made obligatory to remain home to avoid infection. We all, in general, have been eating any kinds of foods and perhaps much more than we usually do. In addition, we have been forced to remain inactive thus seriously compromising our health condition. But now that most countries are going back to normal, with only a few adjustments post-coronavirus, it is possible to lose that extra weight we got during this unusual episode. Here are some useful tips to take you back to a "healthy mind set" before it is too late! 

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Fit, Healthy and Safe During Lockdown

how to stay fit and healthy during coronavirus outbreak
How to keep fit and healthy during home confinement

UPDATE: Extra Weight May Raise Risk of Severe Covid-19 


When most of us are either encouraged or forced to stay at home during this very unique pandemic, understanding the different ways to keep safe, fit and healthy during this very unusual crisis is vital for our physical and mental capacities.


As more and more countries are getting under lockdown, there are certain measures that are crucial, both to minimise the spread of the Covid-19, but also to avoid having other future health problems due to a prolonged lack of body activity.

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