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"People using Virtual Personal Trainer method can expect to lose 1‑2 lbs/week."
* Results may vary depending on the starting condition, goals and level of involvent.
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Virtual Personal Trainer can help you to decide what weight loss, fitness or health program better suit your goals so that you can meet them as fast as possible. We offer this unique opportunity because we are aware that most people who join a fitness or weight loss activity without having a clear plan usually do not reach their desired goal. However, people who join a fitness or weight loss plan with some guidance and a clearly defined plan most likely will succeed in reaching their goal. We are committed to get the most out of our Virtual Personal Trainer fans by helping them to create a specialized program and defined goals to meet their needs.


In our assessment we will create a customized health profile with your current situation and the risk of weight-related health problems. We will also create a fitness/body weight profile that will take into account your current health situation, your calorie intake/burned recommendations, as well as a recommended time to meet your goals. Finally, we will advice you on how to get those health risks as low as possible over time and how to meet your desired weight loss, health or fitness goals with the ideal Virtual Personal Trainer program for you. This is a totally free weight body evaluation. We are committed to create as many free programs as possible to help out the quality of living standards of our society. Our previous US$ 19.99 charge has been suspended. 


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