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Distance + Calorie calculator - Route drawer + Calorie Calculator

Imagine you just finished walking or running and you would like to know how much distance you have gone and the number of calories you have burned. Drawing your walking, running, biking or skating routes and calculating the calories you burned has never been so easy. Distance Calorie App offers you both of these two features together:


1) Start your GPS and allow Internet connection

2) Touch the screen map for adding marker steps and build your tracking route once you have finished it or even before (ideal for taking route decisions and planning ahead). The lower the number of markers, the more accurate the distance measurements (distance between two markers based on Google Maps calculations). Best performance with 3-6 markers.

3) Calculates the shortest path and distance between two markers points. Useful for building faster new routes or giving you new options for your work out routines.


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NOTE: Calculations of Distance and Calories Burned are only approximate values for a normal individual. Exactly how many calories you burn per km or mile depends on your weight, metabolism (age, sex, health and fitness status) and work out intensity (speed). Calculations provided by "Distance Calorie" app are only orientative.