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virtual personal trainer new eBMI app
News · 22. April 2024
Download our **NEW app** eBMI Boost your Health with Our FREE eBMI Tool! Key Features: Language & Measurement (Metric/Imperial) selection. BMI calculator: Instantly determine your Body Mass Index. ML Model BMI Prediction: Unlock insights into your current BMI and health status through advanced ML predictive analysis. ML Models comparison: Explore the agreement or disagreement between state-of-the-art ML models and the traditional BMI formula. Discover Your Healthy Weight Area (HWA):...
Apps · 07. June 2018
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Fitness · 26. November 2014
Having control of your walking distances is a great start to start monitoring your daily activities. We recommend you use a pedometer or step counter phone application for calculating your daily distances. A pedometer is a great alternative to using GPS on your phone, it will help you to save battery. Either if you walk to your office or take a walk during your spare time as a daily routine, a pedometer can definitely give you an estimate of the distances you usually walk and the kcal you burn....