From 15% off monthly till 3 months free programs draw

(Customized programs Discontinued)

free personalized fitness and weight loss programs
free personalized fitness and weight loss programs

Besides our free Virtual personal Trainer version during this month we are giving from 15% off discount at any of our monthly personalized programs till even '3 months term free full-program subscriptions'.


Get a 15% off discount


To get the 15% off discount you just need to click on the "likes" icon below (both page like and post like). That's pretty simple :) You can directly redeem your discount right now by subscribing any of our personalized programs or .....


you can get more.....

Get an extra 5% off per valid referral


You can get an additional 5% off (till a maximum of extra 35% off ) by referring Virtual Personal TrainerTo get the extra 5% off per referral we just need to receive valid confirmations from your friends or colleagues. You can do this directly by referring Virtual Personal Trainer through email ( or by using any of our social networks facebooktwitter or google+Please request your friends to additionally provide us with your full name either in the message body, subject or as attached comment for us to be able to track the number of referrals per participant. The number of effective referrals will be confirmed by counting the number of private emails, likes, follows or +1s received directly in our email, facebook, twitter or google+, respectively, till a maximum of 7. For example, if you get 3 valid referrals you will have accumulated a 30% off discount(15%+15%) or if you manage to get 7 confirmed referrals you will have accumulated another 35% off extra making an accumulated 50% off discount (15%+35%). Receiving more than 7 referral will still give you a maximum of 35% off discount. Whatever your accumulated % off discount you will be able to directly redeem it by subscribing one of our monthly personalized programs or .....


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Get an extra 10% per purchase


Get an additional 10% off for every new donation*, affiliate store purchase** or personalized program subscription made by you or any of your referrals (till a maximum of 5 valid purchases). Upon confirmation of this purchases you will be able to redeem your cumulated coupon discounts at any time by subscribing any of our monthly personalized programs. For example, with the 7 valid referrals above plus one additional 10% off valid transaction made by you or any of your referrals you will make a total accumulated of 60% off monthly discount coupon (50%+10%). If you get the 7 referrals plus four 10% off cumulated transactions you will receive a total of 90% off monthly coupon.


But this is not all......



By referring and purchasing you would be able to accumulate as much as a 100% off discount. The extra referral transactions mentioned earlier (additional 10% off) can be accumulative till a maximum of 5 confirmed transactions per participant in total. Participants who managed to get the 7 referrals above plus an extra 5 confirmed referral transactions will receive not only one month but 3 months free full-program subscription at any of our personalized programs. These are the maths ... 15% off initial offer, 35% off extra by getting at least 7 confirmed referrals plus 10% off-cumulative by purchases (maximum 5 extra purchases (10x5) get 50% off extra)(In summary 15%+35%+50%=100% off 3 months discount).


Furthermore, your newly referred friends can take advantage of this offer aswell because "WE LOVE REFERRALS".


The participants who manage to get the 100% off discount due to the high referral rate will be publicly announced in our social networks and website. 



*only donations above 5$ will be counted as valid till a maximum of 50% off. 

**only affiliate purchases above 100$ value will be counted as valid till a maximum of 50% off discount. 

This promotion will be effective till february the 28th inclusive, 2015 


Good luck! 

VPT team

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