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give us your feedback
09. January 2016
(Customized programs Discontinued) It’s time for Virtual Personal Trainer to listen to our customers, followers and the people who like us and support us, and we would like to have your feedback. Improving is our new year's resolution and #1 project for 2016. In fact, many of our programs and features were once requests by users like you, so for us your voice really matters.
free personalized fitness and weight loss programs
02. February 2015
Besides our free Virtual personal Trainer version during this month we are giving from 15% off discount at any of our monthly personalized programs till even '3 months term free full-program subscriptions'. Get a 15% off discount To get the 15% off discount you just need to click on the "likes" icon below (both page like and post like). That's pretty simple :) You can directly redeem your discount right now by subscribing any of our personalized programs or ..... you can get more.....

12. March 2014
(Customized programs Discontinued) 27/03/2014