Have a happy Valentine's Fitness Day

Fitness and Valentine's Day
Fitness and Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and for romantic couples that probably means a crazy weekend full of yummy foods and highly caloric deserts. It is only once a year but better do not let this throw off your New Year’s goals for keeping yourself fit and healthy.


There are many ways you can take healthy food choices and maintain a workout schedule with your partner and still having a very romantic weekend. You could, for example, go for a walk on top of a hill or beach with a nice view and bring your picnic basket with your own choice of heathy foods. Being outdoors with the person you love is certainly a great healthy choice. This way you will probably enjoy eating guilt free because you have plenty of time to burn out your extra calorie by walking while enjoy being together with your love one.

Even if your choice was to take your car and surprise your partner with a great treat at a very fashion romantic restaurant, you can still prepare yourself with a great workout both the day before and after Valentine's Day so that you will never feel guilty for eating or drinking too much and really enjoy your romantic encounter with your partner ;-)


Here are some work out ideas for you.


Enjoy Valentine's Fitness Day ;-)

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Edition: 1st edition 14/02/2014

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