The secret of a healthy weight: first steps to reprogramming the lipostat - Part 2

Keeping your ideal weight permanent
Keeping your ideal weight permanent


We are finally having the answers to the big mystery ....



What we have learnt from science might surprise you ... here are the first 2 secrets steps to reprogramming your lipostat for a healthy weight

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Energy Density (Volumetrics)

Step 1

The 1st step towards reprogramming our lipostat regulation can be easily achieved by applying an energy density criteria during our daily food intake. Energy density or Volumetrics is the amount of energy (represented by the number of calories) in a specific weight of food. Energy-dense foods have a large number of calories per serving. In the picture bellow we can see how a healthy food has less calorie content, so in order to have the same amount of calories as the fries and hamburger meal we will have to eat bigger portions of healthy food. The good thing is that healthy food such as salads or fruits usually takes longer time to be digested by our organism thus providing longer periods of satiety, thus killing two birds with one stone.

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Healthy Food Intake

Step 2

The 2nd step is switching our daily habits to healthy food intake. For example, researchers have looked at the impact of essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as omega-3 fatty acids or polyunsaturated fatty acids, and found to be beneficial not only to the heart but also to the brain health by increasing nervous system function and improving mood disorders. Because they are supportive of the nervous system and cognitive function, it is thought that they are also supportive of the health of the lipostat and its action in producing hunger-regulating hormones. Fish oil natural source of omega-3 appears to modulate some of the negative effects of the saturated fats and carbs. Foods high in EFAs are freshwater fish, nuts and seeds. Alternatively, EFAs can be taken supplementally in omega-3 caps or liquid fish oil. Vitamin B-complex supplements are also effective in supporting cognitive function. These vitamins support not only nervous system function but also play a role in carbohydrate metabolism. Food sources of B-complex vitamins include chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs and dairy.

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