Hints for successful workout

hints for successful workouts by virtual personal trainer
Successful workout hints


Either as a new year resolution or just because you want so, It’s time to dive in to that fitness routine so you can ditch those extra pounds/kg and get down to your fitness and weight goal. Whether you are trying to follow a routine for the first time or after a period of inactivity, here are some of the most important Virtual Personal Trainer tips on what to keep in mind as you get started. These tips will help you get the fullest of your workout and meeting  all your goals.

The hints

Aerobic vs anaerobic exercises


Depending on your goals and body type, there are some approaches that may produce better results for you than others. Should I do aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

Interval Training, speed and resting time


Interval Training refers to doing almost any type of exercise at a variable pace. More about HIIT


Setting new fitness goals


Virtual Personal Trainer's unique method sets different fitness goals at different timings. The reason is to avoid potential "fitness plateaus". A fitness plateau is what happens when an earlier effective workout is not making any obvious result anymore. The plateau might even cause boredom, the false impression that the fitness plan is not working anymore and for some people the feeling of quitting at this point. In other words, if you reach this point the intensity and/or frequency of the workout you were doing earlier is not making any changes in your fitness anymore most likely because your body got used to it already. In this case you should be able to raise the intensity and/or frequency of the workout or combine with other type of exercises in order to continue your fitness progression. For example, when i was doing my first push ups with 223 lbs (101 kgs) I was only able to do 10-15 at once. After a few weeks i needed to raise it 25, then 50 and then another 50 at once and today with 143 lbs (65 kgs) I need to combine one set of 100-120 quick push ups (no resting time) with some sets of 100-200 quick abs and 5-7kms cardio per day in order to maintain my body fit. 

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