High Intensity Interval Training

Virtual Personal Trainer's HIIT tips
Getting into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Speed and resting time


Hing Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) refers to doing almost any type of exercise at a variable pace. For example, if you are walking or doing push-ups, vary the pace of the exercise. You can walk normally for a minute or so, and then speed up a bit, and then return to normal speed several times. For exercises like push-ups, do a few slowly and do others more quickly and, like walking, repeat these faster and slower intervals several times. Interval training helps the body to adjust its aerobic system (heart rate, breathing, and metabolism) to burn more calories to lose weight and strengthen and tune muscles. Allow Interval Training to arrange your exercise routine for better and faster results. 

Introducing short bouts of vigorous activity can speed up weight loss and also cut your workout time by a half or more. Researchers found that people who speed up exercises slimmed down faster than steady-paced exercisers who worked out twice as long even without dieting! In other words, If you do speed up both your aerobic and anaerobic workout and also follow some sort of food plan you will for sure speed up your weight loss even more. Furthermore, making your resting time between exercises shorter or even allowing no rest at all will also contribute to burn calories faster. This feature is also unique from Virtual Personal Trainer weight loss programs. 


However, if you are intending muscle or strength gain you should allow some sort of resting time between sets. Both your muscles and central nervous system need time to recover from the effort of lifting very heavy weights, and failing to rest long enough will prevent you from lifting heavy on your next set and even slow your recovery for your next workout. 60-90 seconds between sets is in principle a good guideline.

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