Reaching & Maintaining "the healthiest weight" - Part 2

the healthiest body weight
the healthiest body weight


It is a common strategy from many fitness trainers, dieticians and even doctors to preset people's "weight" near by the normal BMI line. See side graphic; X-axis: weight in kilograms; Y-axis: time in years. They are usually in a hurry, and later on, let people by their own after program completion. This strategy gives people the false impression that they already reached their "goal weight". 


Virtual Personal Trainer's uniqueness consists of pre-setting people's ideal weight within the Healthiest Area (HA) of the curve (see graphic), which is key for long-term weight loss success. But what all this really means?

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The reason being that slimming professionals usually try to get a quick case success and closeup case asap so that they can pursue and follow up other patients. Another most likely possibility is that they are simply just not aware of a better, more successful and efficient weight loss methodology. Whatever the reason, setting the ideal weight near the normal BMI line is a bit "risky" because of the two following reasons:


  • first, we are not giving enough time to "preset the ideal or goal weight"... [+INFO];
  • and second, we are so close to the "overweight BMI line" so that is really easy to go back on weight again in a really short period of time. And viceversa for the underweight cases.


The unique method that Virtual Personal Trainer uses is to preset people's ideal/goal weight within what we call the "Healthiest Area" (HA) and most important to keep it over time (long-term success). See time lines in the attached graphic representing a real case going from 101kgs to the estimated healthiest weight of 65 kgs (within the HA) and how it was kept over time. By doing so, any potential temporary weight gain, for example, because of any family events, holiday, business trip, sickness, injury or any other temporary over calorie intake situation, see red line peaks in the graphic, will never translate into an overweight body since we are keeping our body weight, by definition, within a HA. Furthermore, working within the HA will also prevent you from suffering any potential future underweight episode. And importantly, the longer you manage to keep your body weight within the HA, the bigger your chance to make it permanent because of the physical and psychological dependencies you will create due to the obvious health benefits you will get out of it. Read more on how the HA values compare to BMI.


In summary, setting your body weight within the HA will keep you away from any potential overweight or underweight risk, thus avoiding considerable health risks. And most important, pre-setting our IDEAL BODY WEIGHT LONG-TERM WITHIN THE "HA" OVER TIME (as lifestyle) will guarantee our dream of having a long lasting ideal body and a higher life expectancy.


Based on scientific studies tested, validated and published by Virtual Personal Trainer

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