Reaching and maintaining the healthiest weight

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most popular and internationally accepted measurement of weight in relation to health. It is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women ( for age 2-19 BMI). However, caution should be observed when using the BMI as a measure for interpreting overweight and obesity as body composition can be highly variable yet have the same BMI. To avoid such situations, successful weight management programs should consider the required timing for feedback signals originating in adipose tissue to influence the brain centers that control eating behaviour and activity (metabolic and motor). Thus, a much better measurement based on calculating and achieving the healthiest weight has being recently proposed.

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In a good mood

exercise and good mood
great job!

Today is different to other days. I am in a very good mood. There are many reasons why someone might be in good mood.. maybe a salary raise, unexpected lottery winning, planning a long and relaxing vacation, a new girl friend or news of a new babe born or wedding coming up to name a few. But today i am in a very good mood for a totally different reason.. I did not win any lottery game at all, have no serious girl friend for a long time and the general employment situation worldwide is totally a disaster due to the well known crisis what made me feel in not so good mood lately but guess what ....


A few hours since I finished my work out 30 mins running today and I still think I am gonna rock the world. Exercise experts have known for years that moderate physical activity improves mood. 

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Brainstorm yourself with a healthy walk or run

brainstorming and running
Oxygenating your brain

We all know and probably heard many times all the benefits of running or jogging. To name a few: running boots energy, controls weight, combats health conditions, improves mood, gives us better sleep, etc etc. But this time I am not gonna repeat what we know already very well. This time I am gonna talk about a hidden benefit of walking (at a pace) or running. Something that you might have experienced before but perhaps you never realized. And that is .... I know I am not alone when I say that I do some of my best thinking during a brisk walk or slow jog.


When I am stressed out on a project, concerned about something going on in life, or just thinking too much, I find that my most creative and thoughtful ideas come while I am brisk walking. I don't know if you will believe it or not but many of my best ideas, even blog posts topics, came to my mind through this very productive time. Even the idea of making this blog came out actually during a brisk walk session. I prefer brisk walking better than running because I think the best thinking comes out of exhaustion, but I have experienced also this amazing momentum while running.


And I have learned over the years to actually use walking at a pace or running as a tool for brainstorm myself or as a highly effective problem-solving technique. If I have my mind blocked with something and I have the option to disconnect by going a few kms far, I will often do. 

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Count down to forever slim down (open call)

the secrets of water
the secrets of water


“Eating healthy nutritious food plus a minimum workout is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever and ever” ― Virtual Personal Trainer"


Let me be honest, it is easier to be motivated to stay healthy and fit when the sun is up, specially if we go to the beach, our swimsuit is in use, and we have more time to work out. But as much as we hope to keep our healthy habits and fitness routines in place during the rest of the year, let’s face it: working, studying, or doing any kind of homework takes time, going out party is too much temptation and the stress can make us throw all your hard work we have done out the window in a matter of seconds. But here are the good news: it is not impossible to stay on track! Here are some tips to keep you healthy, fit and motivated throughout the rest of the year....

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Water: the magic element

the secrets of water
the secrets of water


"Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine"


Water is the more basic and needed molecule of life. It is a necessity. We needed it to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a good balance within our tissues. About a 60 percent of our body is formed by water. We must constantly replenish the supply, as it is continuously used in all the processes of life. But water is not only extremely needed for life. Drinking water could be also one of the easiest efforts you can incorporate into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. There is no excuse for not drinking enough water, and if you are having trouble to fit your recommended 8 glasses of water a day into your schedule, keep reading. Here are a few tips to help you drink more water.

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First "Pay as you go" Online Personal Trainer

Virtual Personal Trainer "pay as you go" service
New "pay as you go" service


Enjoy the benefits of our online consulting services. You can consult an Expert Dietitian, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer without having to leave the comfort of your home. Get help and advice for WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT GAIN, LONG TERM WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, SPORTS NUTRITION AND MORE……


And now you can enjoy the commodities of our new "pay as you go" service as low as 9.99$ 




Summer slim down challenge: step 3

summer slim down challenge with Virtual Personal Trainer
30 days before summer holiday .. Join the challenge now!
Third Summer Countdown notice! 30 more days to go. What are you waiting for? ... Join the challenge!










One more month until summer holidays! you still have 30 more days to get your body fit. If you are to get yourself ready for summer, you should join this challenge now.

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Summer slim down challenge: step 2

summer slim down challenge with Virtual Personal Trainer
60 days.. still plenty of time.. Join the challenge now!


Second Summer Countdown notice! You have plenty of time ... Join the challenge!


Two more months until summer! you still have plenty of time to get your body fit. If you are to get yourself ready for summer, you should join this challenge now.

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Summer slim down challenge: step 1

First Summer Countdown notice! You have plenty of time ... Join the challenge!



Three more months until summer starts! oh yeah! and you have plenty of time to get your body fit. If you are to get your beach body ready for the summer, you should join this challenge asap.

Virtual Personal Trainer slim down challenge step 1
You have plenty of time.. Join the challenge now!

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Virtual Personal Trainer Franchises


Franchising with us offers the independence of online training business ownership supported by the benefits of our big business network. You don't necessarily need business experience to run one of our franchises. We provide with the training you need in order to operate your business model.

Motivation for long-term weight loss

motivation for long-term weight loss
With Determination, Yes you can!

We all know that in order to achieve a goal, we need to take action. And if we do not succeed at first, we should try again and again. But what is that internal mindset that makes us try in the first place? We commonly refer to this inner built-in as “motivation”. But why we find it so difficult when it comes to taking actions such as weight loss or exercising?


Read more to find the reasons behind and how to build positive thinking and long-term motivation.


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Virtual Personal Trainer long-term weight loss approach Clinically Tested and Scientifically Proven

We are glad to announce that Virtual Personal Trainer's Long-Term Weight Management methodologies has been clinically tested and recently scientifically proven and validated. Thank you for your support and following us throughout the years.