Summer slim down challenge: step 1

First Summer Countdown notice! You have plenty of time ... Join the challenge!



Three more months until summer starts! oh yeah! and you have plenty of time to get your body fit. If you are to get your beach body ready for the summer, you should join this challenge asap.

Virtual Personal Trainer slim down challenge step 1
You have plenty of time.. Join the challenge now!

Though bathing suit season has not yet officially begun, this is the time you should start thinking about a plan to get rid of those extra pounds. Instead of throw yourself in the beach towel like a loser for not having achieved the weight loss you wanted to, this time we are gonna do something about it so that by July the first you will be walking in the beach proud of yourself. Waiting longer can get more difficult to lose weight that is why the sooner we start, the easier will be to achieve.


I hereby challenge you to join me now. We will do this in 3 easy steps: the first step will start just now and run for the next 30 days. The second step will start in May the first and run for the following 30 days, and so on so forth till we reach summer. I will try to keep it simple and focus on the basics that will be the ones that will eventually keep you closer to your goals by summer and reducing your chance to regain weight after the challenge.


The rules for the first step are pretty simple:

How many pounds (kg) you want to lose?

You should answer this question first, how many pounds (kg) you really want to lose? maybe you are thinking of getting rid of so many pounds that eventually it might me impossible to reach by summer. Or maybe the amount of pounds you are thinking to get rid off  is not sufficient for what you really want to achieve. Experts recommends 0.5 - 2 lbs (0.25 - 1 kg) weight loss rate per week to keep your weight off for long time. By using the above formula, you can do the calculations yourself or to make it easier you can use our "Future Weight" calculator. Once you use it you will know what would be your recommended achievable weight loss by summer time.




future weight app from virtual personal trainer at google play
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Stay motivated

Approximately 80% of the people initiating weight loss plans do either abandon the program before finishing or suffer from weight loss rebound. Abandoning weight loss mostly has to do with motivation. To keep you motivated, Virtual Personal Trainer has created this channel for you. You better join us now ;-)





motivator app from virtual personal trainer at google play
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Are those pounds (kg) enough for you?

The next question you should ask yourself is, are those pounds (kg) I want to get rid by summer enough for you? What is really your "Ideal Weight"?  There is a chance that the amount of pounds you want to burn by summer is not enough to ensure long-term weight loss and maintenance, this would result in the very common rebound after weight loss. Virtual Personal Trainer's method was created by specialists to facilitate long-term weight loss and maintenance, thus avoiding rebound after weight loss. To facilitate weight loss interventions we have created "One Click to Health", a tool to calculate the healthiest weight for you, the one with less probability to rebound or, in other words, the one with more probability to remain in your body forever.


one click to health apps
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 If you believe in yourself and you are brave enough to try, come on! join this first step to slim down challenge now!


Countdown already started!

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step 2 to summer slim down challenge

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