The secret of a healthy weight: 4 steps to reprogramming the lipostat - Part 1

Making your weight permanent
Keeping your ideal weight permanent


We are finally having the answers to the big mystery ....


Why do some people find almost impossible to lose weight, despite their numerous serious attempts to get slim even using sophisticated diets, exercise, pills etc?


What we have learnt from science might surprise you ...

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A 4 steps secret behind

The secret seems to be located in the hypothalamus by means of a mechanism known as lipostat (or adipostat, ponderostat, set point)The term lipostat is due to its involvement in body energy regulation (lipolysis (fat mobilization) and lipogenesis (fat storage)), weight and food intake, including feeding and satiety. Think of it as a little “device” in charge of setting a defined “preset weight” for any individual. It is well known for years that physical activity and food intake regulation are the two most important factors involved in controlling body weight. But to regulate food intake, the hypothalamus must alter appetite. Fat tissues release leptin that travels to receptors in the hypothalamus. 

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The lipostat mechanism

In turn, the hypothalamus then releases chemical signals, like serotonin, to suppress the appetite. The regulation of feeding, energy intake and expenditure, and body weight is a homeostatic process. Information regarding general body health is communicated by both long- and short-term chemical signals from the brain and the gut. The receipt and integration of these signals mainly occurs in the hypothalamus, also known to play a key role in the regulation of many other body factors such as thyroid function, which controls metabolism and is linked to effectiveness of weight loss efforts.

So what can we do for an effective weight loss?

It's all about "human physiology". Each organism has an ideal body weight regulated by the lipostat. This is controlled by about twenty genes responsible for about 50% of the body weight. This places environmental factors as less influential than genetics factors but environmental factors are still responsible for fast increasing body weight. So, to answer the question, what we must do for an effective weight loss is as simple as changing our food intake and activity habits. The negative effects of bad feeding habits in the hypothalamus may be permanent if they are kept for a long time, but this is not the end of the world. Reprogramming our feeding habits to health-promoting foods and increasing our activity level, both for a long term, can stop and even reverse the negative effects done by the unhealthy habits (unhealthy food, sedentarism). So what are the tips for an effective weight loss?

This lipostat concept is the basic fundamental of Virtual Personal Trainer, that is, to keep you motivated and emotionally involved for a long time to make sure we set the right “preset weight” for you.


In fact, our online training approach has recently been published, representing the first scientific study validating the Lipostat theory in human.

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