Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss

Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss
Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss

In this article we will show the reasons why many people have flaccid skin after fat loss and how you can prevent it. After reading this article you should be able to avoid it. 


Why people have flaccid skin after fat reduction?


The reasons

Three main reasons: 1) reducing weight too quickly. Most people like quick fat loss fixes because they want quick result. But many of them do not pay attention to things that will happen by applying those rapid weight loss fixes. Unluckily, when people lose fat too quickly, their skin do not have time to bounce back, so they get hanging skin. 2) age. While people grow old, their skin have bad elasticity, even lose elasticity, so the skin may not bounce back for ever. 3) losing fat without doing workouts to build muscle. When people lose fat, their fat cell shrink, if they do not tone up muscles to take up the space under the skin, it may lead to hanging skin too.

How to avoid loose skin after weight loss?


1) try to reduce weight slowly, dropping one to two pounds per week is recommended.

2) do weight training while you are reducing fat. Unfortunately, if you are old, since the elasticity of your skin weakens, getting hanging skin seems unavoidable but still can try to fix it over time with regular weight training.

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