Weight Loss During Pandemic Times

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losing weight during the pandemic is possible with Virtual Personal Trainer
Losing weight during the pandemic is possible

This COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives: from virtual meetings to telecommuting to go to work and changing meals habit to adapt to compulsory lockdowns. Observing public health measures and reducing exposure to the virus is fundamental to reduce the spread of this virus. While current vaccination programs are making things closer to normality, the current situation is giving us an amazing opportunity to get rid of some extra pounds (kg) and getting back in shape for the coming summer.


Here are some tips to improve our chances of succeeding with our weight loss (getting back in shape) plan.

Less vehicle, more moving

walk or bike to the supermarket

Try to change your usual big purchases once a week using your vehicle for biking or walking frequently to the most convenient local supermarket (while respecting social distance and other safety measures). The idea is to minimize your vehicle trips to the supermarket during this pandemic.


And before you go shopping:

  • Plan ahead: Visualize or write down a list of what you would like to eat one or two days ahead, and the method for preparing your meals. If making notes, make sure you use it! as less likely you will forget things or buy impulse items. Aim for making your food storage and refrigerator more green.
  • Play math: Measure the spoons and cups you use, count ingredients, and count your calorie consumption.
  • Play science: Now that you probably have more time, search the internet to discover the science behind why ingredients change when they are combined, heated, or blended, and how the cooking method may affect both the quality of the meal and the number of calories you are eating.
  • Be healthy-minded: Healthiest meals like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are to be served in bigger portions. Meat portions should be smaller (this will help you to save money while keeping saturated fat in check). Learn more about losing weight by portion size.

Make eating at home a fun experience

cooking at home
  • Make of it a positive experience: Whether it is homemade, takeout, or purchased online, eating meals at home has become now a routine for many people. Try to keep the stress down and make mealtime more entertaining and pleasant. Try some new recipes. There are tons of great healthy recipes waiting for you online! Focus on those that only require a few ingredients and normal kitchen tools.
  • If you bring any take-out meal home, take it home right away and eat it while it is still hot. Store leftovers safely, refrigerating any dishes with meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products, and make sure you reheat leftovers properly before you eat. 

Be positive

be positive

Mindset is vital to getting through this pandemic both physically and also mentally healthy, and Virtual Personal Trainer has previously demonstrated its fundamental role for long-term weight loss.


A few more things you should manage:

  • Stress: Walk your dog if you have any, call your best friend, watch a movie, or cuddle your partner or kids. Do not consume alcohol and tobacco or, at least, try to reduce its consumption as much as you can though maybe this is the right time to quit as both alcohol and tobacco can make a person more vulnerable to COVID-19!!.
  • Routines: Stick with your routines, especially enrolling in a home workout routine is fundamental. Go to bed and get up on your usual schedule. Eat meals at regular times.
  • Boredom: Stay busy and engaged. Resist eating in between meals. Enjoy practicing your hobbies: reading, cooking, watching movies, working out, staying in touch with family, friends, and colleagues, or planning your next trip.
  • Going out: When you are about to go out, make sure you wash your hands before you leave home (and as soon as you return) and wear a face mask.
  • Watch yourself!: Do you have a dry cough, fever, or can hardly breathe? better call your doctor for further instructions, just in case. 

We are all facing this terrible pandemic together. Let’s forget about the negative things, and try to make the most of this strange situation to come out all stronger, wiser, thinner, healthier, and ready to enjoy all the wonderful times, new opportunities and experiences that are about to come.

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