The Amazing Ginger

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The health benefits of ginger
The health benefits of ginger

A beauty of nature


People use ginger in cooking and medicine since ancient ages. It is well known as a home remedy for health issues such as nausea, stomach pain, and others.


Ginger lovers typically use it in its fresh or dried version for cooking, and other people take it as supplements for its potential positive health effects. 

Ginger is an essential ingredient in the kitchen as it combines with everything, offering a very natural, authentic and unforgettable flavor. What's more, adding it daily to our diet will offer us a multitude of benefits.


The many health effects of ginger

Some of the benefits we would love to highlight and share are:

  • Accelerates the metabolism: Grated ginger in a glass or bottle of water can help speed up your metabolism, helping you gain a good and healthy weight and energy. Ginger has been used for many years to maintain a healthy and optimal weight.
  • Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients: All these powerful ingredients may help to treat or prevent problems such as arthritis and inflammation. Let your glass of water soak up the ginger chunks for about 20 minutes, and enjoy an anti-inflammatory drink for your personal wellness and feeling of greatness. 
  • Infections: The magic ingredients of ginger might even help to treat certain infections, and it is typically used for as a powerful sore-throat reliever. Grated ginger with a little honey can help with any cold or flu. It offers you immediate relaxation, and especially irreplaceable during the wintertime.
  • Encourages to drink more water: For people who have a hard time drinking water, it's a great idea to grate ginger and put it in a bottle of water. You will thus enjoy the water with a natural and special flavor, avoiding dehydration. You will, at the same time, enrich yourself with all the good feeling that ginger brings to your body.
  • Cure pain and nausea: Any headache, muscle pain or feeling of weakness can be cured with rich ginger, honey and lemon tea. You will feel better instantly, and you will notice your recovery little by little. One or two teas would be ideal in this case.
  • It has also been studied for its potential to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and other health problems.

Enjoying ginger


There are many ways to enjoy this beauty. Some gorgeous ways are:

  • Ginger Tea or Infusion
  • Adding it to coffee or tea
  • Adding grated ginger powder to dishes such as: soups, vegetables, fish, chickens, sweets, etc. • In a glass of water or milk
  • Adding it to smoothies, juices or even oatmeal
  • Ginger capsules.



Ginger is worth gold! Enjoy it in all the ways you can think of because it always adds a PLUS to your life. What's more, a touch of ginger in your food will always make your dish even more delicious.

Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator

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