The Importance Of Moving

The importance of moving, exercise and sports
We all need moving, exercise, sports ....


Just as no diet works for everyone, there is no move, exercise, or sport that is enjoyed by everyone. Each person is a world to discover and explore, and it is beautiful to know that each one of us works differently, uniquely and in a very special way. It is a way of knowing ourselves better, experimenting with our body, and understanding what makes it happy, what it needs, and what it deserves.

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More and more we are approaching exercise and sports as a kind of relaxing and motivating type of body movement that activates the mind, body, and metabolism. It is positive and important to listen to the body and not force it to exercise on an unresponsive day.


Remember that our body is not a machine and deserves to be understood. The body has its day just like our state of mind, and it is vital to keep up with it. In this way, we will prevent the body from perceiving exercise as a punishment, learning to enjoy every movement and stretch that it is capable of producing. Thus, the mind will also be open to explore the body that belongs to it, bringing out the best in it, and helping it to recognize its maximum strength and power.

Ideally, getting involved in some sort of body movement, sport, or exercise should not be only to lose weight, but an activity to get active, feel positive and better, and discover our inner strength. The moment we perceive sport in this way, we will begin to be happier with ourselves and we will have more desire to make the most of our potential. Sport, exercise, or any kind of body move relaxes, helps disconnect and connects with the beautiful outside. It can be enjoyed with your own company and presence; and/or with a group of people as a fun activity that connects different human beings and minds. Sport, exercise, or any move is understanding and sharing, both with oneself and with the universe.

However, engaging in sports and exercise may increase your risk of getting injured. For example, if you ski, there’s a high chance of twisting your legs too hard when you run into objects and other skiers, resulting in injured knees. Fortunately, investing in braces for protecting the knee is always a good idea. By doing so, you can lock yourself in on any kind of strenuous activity while minimizing the risk of a knee injury.

What motivates you more?


Do the activity that motivates you the most. Simply cleaning, climbing stairs, lifting weights, walking around the house, walking to work, being active at home or work are all ways to activate the body; and all these can be considered some sort of sport. It is a routine present in one's life that is embraced and welcomed. Adding an extra boost of body movement, exercise, or sport to this can be a glory. It does not have to be every single day or at the same time. Once you make it part of your life, the body will automatically get engaged to it and ask for it when it needs it. It will give you cues when it needs that movement, as well as the days when it prefers a break.


Based on trial and error and understanding what brings happiness to the body, we are very sure that you will find the best sport/exercise for your personal well-being.

Last thoughts

Listen to your body and you will realize that sport can be a fundamental and beautiful part of one's life, which helps to connect better with yourself and with the enriching environment that surrounds you.


In summary, our body is not designed to remain inactive. It has been perfectly engineered to move. In this article, we have seen the importance of exercising and sports for weight loss, relaxation, and motivation. But in fact, apart from these three reasons, there are quite a bunch of very important reasons why you should start moving right now, at least 47 reasons more.


Here is a complete list of 50 reasons why you should move, exercise or enroll in any sort of sport.

Can you think of more reasons?

Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator

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