Back in shape after coronavirus - Part 2

Post-coronavirus weightloss challenge - part 2
Post-coronavirus challenge - part 2

As mentioned in our previous article, weight gain due to lack of activity during coronavirus lockdown could have compromised our health and make more challenging to go back on track after. The former article focused on re-creating a nutrition mind set, the most important first step in this challenge. This complementary article will tackle a few remaining mindset adjustments aiming to succeed in our post-pandemic weight loss / maintenance / back in shape goals. 

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Keep active


Being regularly active is important for at least 50 reasons, such as: weight management, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, decreasing stress, memory and mental health improvement, boosting immune system, and increasing lifespan, etc. etc. Here are a few tips for staying/keeping active:

  • Stick to usual workout routine. If you are not exercising regularly, much better if do not wait to start any regular activity longer. If you are the kind of person who think that do not have time to work out, better change your mind set about it. Note: hard time-consuming workout sessions are great not really necessary.
  • Try to add up more activity into your daily routine: for example: park your car farther away from your destination, or much better if you take a walk instead; take the stairs instead of the elevator; read the newspaper while standing up (instead of sitting comfortable burning "zero" calories); or do a 10-minutes workout session any time during the day. Believe me, every little calorie burning counts!
  • Lose as you go. If unexpectedly happens that you have over-eaten one day, make a conscious decision to get more steps or extra workout during the same day, day after or even the day before if it was planned ahead, so that you burn off those unwanted calories as soon as possible
  • Invite your friends or family members. Research suggests that we human perform better on aerobic tasks like running and cycling when exercising with a partner. Though, keep in mind, if you are still experiencing lockdown or de-escalation due to coronavirus, go ahead, call up a friend or family member for a gym date, a home workout or a brisk walk session, It might certainly help you both, but stick to social distancing recommendations for now.

Be strong, say no!!


Though someone may encourage to overeat by provoking you with a "delicious meal", it is ok if you respectfully decline. A simple “Sorry! I am full” or “I am taking a break for a while” should be enough for friends and family members to back off while it gives you the time to decide if you really want to eat more or not. Note: taking a few minutes break will typically satiate you. It takes about 7 minutes in average for the brain to get the message that a meal have been served, so better to go for a walk or chat with friends and give yourself time to feel full.


Sleep well


When we are busy, over stressed or suffering anxiety, more common now due to the current coronavirus crisis, our sleeping time is often the first thing we use to cut back. But skipping (or disturbed) sleep not only make us feel tired and exhausted, but it actually disrupts our inner hormones production, which in turn can affect our appetite and end up affecting our weight. So aim for at least 7-8 hours of healthy sleeping every night. Note: Setting an alarm on our phone to remind us the time to get ready to bed might help and better turn off all the electronic devices, or set them to flight or night mode, so that the light and pop-up messages do not keep you awake.

Keep track (log) of foods. Stay motivated


Our own clinical studies have shown that both, tracking your foods habits and having a motivated mind set for a healthy life style, is fundamental for reaching and maintaining your healthy weight.

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