One-Click-to-Health and Weight Loss Resolution

Holiday Weight Loss - Virtual Personal Trainer
Holiday Weight Loss

Efficient post-holiday's weight loss??

Yes it is possible!


Here is the idea:  rather than accumulating more kgs/pounds after this holiday season, as a new resolution (weightlossresolution), how about keeping them off in the first place?

virtual personal trainer one click to health app
Your health at one click

A free app proving to be a new way to harness science. Just log in your current weight and the app will calculate your BMI, Ideal and Healthiest weight all in one, leading to successful weight loss, even during holidays.

One-Click-to-Health app, a new scientifically and clinically tested personal weight loss app / tool, will help you to keep your extra kgs/pounds off after a crazy holiday season of so much eating and drinking, if you could not avoid those multiple family and friends gatherings, or can be applied even during holiday seasons to avoid those extra pounds. This only app, or together with an app able to track your physical activity as well as what you eat, will help you not only to lose weight, but keep the weight off and reach your Ideal, Healthiest and Safest Weight that will last forever. 

First Edition: Jan 2017

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