The Fit World Traveller

Traveling and weight loss

Losing weight while traveling may actually happens naturally


"I never imagined that long time traveling would be such a good weight loss ally"

One day, stepping on top of that scale made me realised that I was much more fit and healthier when I was traveling. The very complex combination of eating and sleeping better together with the day by day traveling adventure, without even noticing, it was the "the perfect ingredient" for my long-term weight loss and Ideal Weight goal success during my endless around world trip.

Do you want to be part of an experimental health program?


Virtual Personal Trainer strongly encourages you to test by yourself our "healthiest weight" approach and let us know about your experience, progress and achievements either by email or in the comments section belowThe results of this experimental program will be presented at international conferences and published in high impact medical / scientist journals. Your involvement and interaction as well as your contribution is important for us since the feedback, information and voluntary donations provided by our followers will be further used for adapting, modifying and improving our free weight loss program.



Virtual Personal Trainer's approach is recommended for healthy adults only. This site is not intended for use by minors or individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are specifically advised to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any fitness or nutrition effort or program.

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Jenny, CA

What I have seen in my body, my mind and my overall health is amazing

Montse, Spain

Thank you for making such a positive change in my life

Matthew, UK

All the motivation you need to reach your goals

Mike, USA

The best weight loss guidance I ever had

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Richard, CA

It totally transformed me into a healthier version of myself

Dani, Italy

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