Preventing overweight and obesity

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Avoiding obesity


Following a healthy lifestyle can help you to prevent overweight and obesity. Ideally, lifestyle habits should begin during childhood. Parents and families should encourage children to make healthy choices, such as following healthy diet habits and being physically active. But even at an elder age it is never too late to start having a health life style. Here are a few basic tips to avoid overweight and obesity in the future.


"Preventing is better than curing"

How to prevent?

Healthy eating plan

Follow a healthy eating plan. Make healthy food choices, keep your calorie needs and your family's calorie needs in mind, and focus on the balance of energy IN and energy OUT.

Fast foods

Limit the use of fast, chunk and very energetic foods. Aim to have either none of those foods at all or at least try to limit it to only once weekly or much better monthly.


Watch the portion sizes specially in fast food and other restaurants. The normal portions sizes served are usually enough for adults. Children's portion sizes should be smaller. Some restaurants have children sizes specially adapted for their needs. Cutting back on portion size will help you balance energy IN and energy OUT.

Number of meals

For the recommended amount of Kcal consumption a day, the more meals, the better. For example, a typical 2000cal/day diet for adults consisting of 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), much better if we make it 5-6 meals/day with smaller portions (fast breakfast, main breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, after dinner snacks).


Drink enough water (6-8 glasses of water a day), more if you are involved in some regular physical activity.


Reduce screen time. Limit the use of TVs, computers, DVDs, or video games because they usually limit your physical activity. Health experts recommend 2 hours or less a day of screen time that is not work or homework-related. Furthermore, advertisement campaigns usually full of foods will keep our minds somehow in a hungry-state.


Stay active. Make your personal and family time to be active. Find activities that you or your family will enjoy. For example, go for a brisk walk, bike or train together in the gym or for a walk or run.

Keep on tracking

Track your meals and activities. Many new apps can help you with this. Also, keep track of your weight, body mass index, and waist circumference. keep track of your children's growth. Aim to achieve your "Ideal Body Weight".

Do you want to be part of an experimental health program?


We encourage you to test what has been discussed on this blog by yourself and let us know about your experience, your progress and achievements in the comments section belowThe results of these experimental program will be presented at international conferences and hopefully published in high impact medical and scientist journals. Your involvement and interaction as well as your contribution is important for us since the information and voluntary donations you provide will be further used for adapting, modifying and improving our programs.


Important notice

Virtual Personal Trainer's approach is recommended for healthy adults only. This site is not intended for use by minors or individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are specifically advised to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any fitness or nutrition effort or program.

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