The Healthy Honey

The health benefits of honey
The many health benefits of honey

Honey is made by honey bees and other insects such as stingless bees. Bees produce honey by the regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation of plant secretions, or from secretions of other insects. But, most importantly, honey is well known as a natural remedy and a magical ally for human health. It is a natural sweetener that provides energy and strength to the body.

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Honey and health


Honey offers a multitude of interesting health benefits:

  • Adds a sweet touch to any dish or drink, being a natural and abundant effective alternative. It is a healthy option compared to refined sugars and ready-made products.
  • Provides well-being to the intestine and digestive system, helping to create and recreate good bacteria in the body. Honey supports the evolution of a gut full of care and health, eliminating any discomfort.
  • It takes care of the heart and helps us relax and fight the stress of the day. Honey is considered a tranquilizer that helps us slow down, disconnect, and feel new again. The way it brings positivity and naturalness to our being is impressive.
  • Shines and revitalizes the skin, protects wounds, and reduces any inflammation. For years, honey has been considered a plus in human beauty, being a basic and essential element of various face masks and creams for radiant well-being.
  • Cures flu, cough, and any discomfort in the throat; offering a feeling of relaxation and immediate relief. That's where we know the honey lozenges, the best solution for any sensitivity in the throat and in times of cold or harsh winters.

In summary

Although honey is sweet, it does not mean that it is bad for your health. There is still a fear and rejection of honey. Not every sweetener is bad for the body or needs to be omitted.


Proper use of honey and in the correct quantity can lead to an improvement in health. A teaspoon of honey will always be a better option or alternative than a tablespoon of refined sugar.


There are many beautiful ways to enjoy honey:

  • in coffee or tea
  • in a glass of hot milk
  • in oatmeal
  • with fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc.

You can be very creative and give a sweet and natural touch to any dish.

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First edition Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator, Aug 2021

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