The secrets of an unhealthy body shape - Part 2

the secrets behind the lack of health
the secrets of an unhealthy body


In the previous article, I talked about how eating too many calories and setting the wrong goals might affect your weight loss goal. In this article, I will continue tackling the most common reasons of weight loss resistance. Throughout reading this article you might see a mirror of yourself. Hopefully, these hints could help you to break a potential trial of weight loss resistance at the present time or in the future.


3. Lipostat short-term calibration

quitters never win
quitters never win

"good things come to those who wait" - The lipostat theory


You are too easy to quit

I see many people with tons of workout DVDs, weight loss products and diet books that promise a "5 mins abs workout" or "a fantastic diet" will do the job for you. Most likely the moment you stop believing in these programs because you think it is not really working you will gain all your weight back again. You should know already that there are no quick fixes or magic pills you can buy and do really nothing on your own. Simply, most likely you did not give your diet plan enough time to work out. If you feel that you can not make any progress for all the time and effort you put into losing weight, maybe it is time for you to just focus on one particular program and give away all of yourself to it. Instead of changing programs all the time, once you feel it is not working out for you, try to stick to it at least for a few weeks or months better. Not only you should maintain the program but actually follow it in depth. Stick to it all the way and make sure you do not skip any step or detail. This will most likely increase your chance of succeeding in your weight loss efforts. Do never quit! .. Be constant!

The wrong "preset weight" calibration

You are probably approaching weight loss in terms of diets only instead of a lifestyle change. If there is a lesson I learnt it is that a well designed long-term weight loss plan can only take place if you change your lifestyle instead of your diet. In summary, losing weight is just one of the many things you should be aiming for when you change your lifestyle. Weight loss is probably the most obvious and reward part but there are many elements and many consequences to lifestyle change. In addition to changes in your weight, a lifestyle change also impacts the way you think, the way you involve your emotions under certain situations, the way you look at yourself, the way you behave, and the way you see yourself in this world in the present and future. If you have been putting lots of work in your weight loss plan but can not see any progress, try to switch to a lifestyle changing better. Change what you eat, your daily schedule, your attitude.... you might even try to meet new friends with the same lifestyle goals. Be ready for the new you, and most important, these changes should be for long-term and never change according to your daily mood. The good thing is that the longer you manage to keep the new you philosophy ongoing, the bigger your chance to make it permanent because of the physical and psychological dependencies you will create due to the obvious health benefits you will get out of it. Weight loss should be always long-term and permanent if you approach it from a lifestyle perspective.... Read more

4. Negative thoughts

block negative thinking
block negative thinking

You hate yourself

You can not heal a body you hate. Unconscious negative thoughts about yourself like for example that "you are not worthy" or whatever negative thoughts you may have it is just a lie. If these false beliefs are not addressed on time, even if you have the body you always wanted to have, it is a matter of time that you will fail. Stop the false beliefs.

Food punishments

Do yourself a favor and do not allow any starvation and fad diets. Your body's weight is a result of a variety of physiological factors that need to be contented always with healthy food. Your body needs the right nutrients to function properly. Change your perspective and food habits. Instead of thinking of how you can avoid your body from certain foods as a punishment for a potential weight gain, start seeing your food as a delicious natural medicine. For example, instead of thinking that carrots are not as yummy as a delicious cheese cake, think more positive, think that eating tons of carrots will never make you sick while eating tons of cakes most like will do, and for our purpose most importantly eating tons of carrots will never make you fat and on top the feeling of food satisfaction will also remain longer. In fact healthy food is really like a medicine because our body can not function properly without the correct nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, oligoelements etc etc.


Making weight loss the ultimate goal

Losing weight is not equivalent to getting healthy. Cancer and arsenic will make you lose weight but you will also be sick. You have to stop seeing weight gain as a cause and start seeing it as a symptom of something else going on in your body and your mind. You have to get healthy to lose weight, not to lose weight to get healthy. Weight loss should be a natural product of being more healthy. If you get healthy, you will also accidentally look more great.


Not totally focused

You probably did not remind yourself to focus on the body you wish to achieve If you keep things easy or vague and you just tell yourself daily that you only want to lose weight. This might not be enough. Your mind will often stick to a plan of action and take all the necessary actions if your goals are clear enough. One of the best ways to be focused is to write down our plan as we mentioned before and also to have a picture of the ideal model body you want to achieve and focus on it daily. For example, cut out or crop the face, abs or chest of the model you want to be, subscribe to the "best body" tv or online channels or start following in a regular basis some weight loss or fitness blogs or websites such as Virtual Personal Trainer. This is certainly a great way to stay motivated and focus in order to get in the best shape you can be in your life. The key is to have a "model of success" you want to be and train your mind with it. The more you focus, the more likely you will achieve your "ideal shape".


Invading yourself with negative thoughts

You need to block out all the negative thoughts. Focus on achievements instead. Reprogram yourself by consciously thinking over and over again that you will lose the weight you want to lose. There are many difficulties to weight loss. However, the good news is that most of these complications are only in your mind and then you can give lots of control to these negative thoughts that keep you away from the ideal body weight you want. Start by thinking positive.

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