Avoiding rebound after weight loss

avoiding rebound after weight loss by virtual personal trainer

It is common in people trying to lose weight that once they have reached their ideal weight, they return to the habits they had before, which makes them regaining the weight they had, even much more. This is the called “rebound effect”. Here are the tips to keep you away from gaining any weight after weight loss. 


The big unknown

The most likely reason of the rebound effect is not well known by many people, even by doctors, fitness trainers and dieticians. The reason is probably that the targeted "Ideal Weight", which should be unique to any individual, has not been well calculated and preset... 

Other cause of rebound is that the people trying to lose weight, once finished, they return to bad habits such as drinking or eating unhealthy. Other times the rebound effect is caused because the food intake is not well balanced (usually when people follow low-calorie diets), since, as they cut large amount of calories, after dieting they end up eating again lots of bad foods. Furthermore, those miracle plans that promise short-term results, generally tend to help people to lose weight out of reducing fluids, but not fat. Another important cause is the reduction of physical activity after weight loss because they feel more relax after losing a few kilos, causing the easy return on weight.

Tips to avoid the rebound

Do not skip meals

It is important that you eat healthy and the recommended five meals a day. This helps the metabolism works continuously and properly, as well as having more chance to keep you satisfied in between meals.

Do not torture yourself

When you finish a weight loss plan, you can eat those foods that you were forbidden before if you wish, but do not forget always watching portion size and consuming them in occasions only. Do not fall into desperation and thinking too much before taking any of these high calorie snacks. Usually waiting a few minutes will make your food desire to disappear.

Eating the RIGHT FOOD

Have you ever thought that once you had finished you weight loss plan you would no longer eat any veggies? This is definitely not the case since you must continue consuming not only veggies, also fruits, fibers, legumes, etc because, besides being healthy, all these help us to keep the right weight due to its low calorie content. It is also advisable to consume protein sources (such as lean meat, chicken, turkey or fish) accompanied by sufficient carbohydrates (such as bread or pasta) to keep your food balanced.

Physical activity

This is a take home message: "physical activity should never be abandoned". First, because it is healthy for the cardiovascular and respiratory system, but most important because exercise will help you burn most of those calories we consume after finishing a weight loss plan. It is recommended at less an hour of any physical activity 2-3 times a week. This will help you stay on track, healthy, motivated and in good mood.


It is advisable to drink at least two litters of water per day. This is because a hydrated body has a metabolism that works in the best conditions, helping us to burn fat stores. In fact, a good body hydration increases the metabolism by up to 30%. Also, the water gives us a satiety effect because it occupies space in the stomach, reducing appetite and avoiding eating other unhealthy foods. You can trick your low water desire with other water fluids, such as sugar-free teas or coffees

Weight preset within the SAFE ZONE -the real tip-

It is probably a common unknown "issue" from many fitness trainers, dieticians and even doctors to try to preset people's "ideal weight" near by the normal BMI line as soon as possible and let people by their own after program completion giving people the false impression that they already got the ideal weight they wanted and that is all. The reason could be that they are just trying to get a quick success case and close it as soon as possible so that they can pursue other cases, or simply they are just not aware of a better and more secure method. Whatever the reason setting the ideal weight too near the normal line is a bit "risky" because of two important reasons: first, we are not giving enough time to really "preset the ideal weight" for you..; and second reason, we are so close to the "overweight BMI line" that is really easy to go back on weight again in a really short period of time. Presetting your Ideal Weight within the SAFE ZONE is the only way to avoid the rebound effect and keep you under your Healthiest Weight forever + INFO

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