10,000 Steps a Day Challenge

10,000 steps to health
10,000 steps to health

The powerful effect of tracking steps!


You are just a few steps away from reaching your goal, so do not give up!.


Being overweight is not only associated with health diseases but also is a big risk to our mental health. To overcome this situation, you do not need to run a marathon but just go out for a walk. You will attain a good amount of fitness and emotional gains from a small amount of walking on a daily basis. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Why daily walking daily is so important


Going for a walk is something which a person can do easily. Some people might have an active lifestyle or some must be having a sedentary lifestyle, but normal short trips even within your workplace or at home are beneficial:

  • One thing to make sure of is to be persistent. Do not give up! You will get tired, but that’s only because you’re burning calories. Always motivate yourself to go for a walk daily.
  • You need to think big even though you will be taking baby steps. Give yourself a short term target of 10,000 steps a day, and do not think too much, just start!!.
  • This might seem hard in starting, especially for those who belong to a sedentary lifestyle. If this is your case, just start by giving yourself an easier target target, like 5,000 steps a day. It might seem a bit hard at the beginning but it is actually not. Even though you might belong to a sedentary lifestyle, you will easily cover 6000 steps a day and when you do that, do not stop because do not forget your main goal is actually 10,000 steps!
  • Once you achieve the 5,000 steps a day then remember your main target 10,000 is not that far.
  • Keep daily logs of your daily walk. You can maintain these records in a notebook, spreadsheet, or digital app. By keeping track you will be able to set daily and weekly goals. Smart Vibes might help you to achieve your 10,000 steps a day goal.
  • By being so determined to go for a walk daily, you will be motivating others too. There might be a possibility that they will ask to tag along. This will make your walk more fun, as you will stick to your plan.
  • Staying hydrated is equally important, you will feel great and it will boost the positive effects of your walking. Drink more water before and after your walk.
  • And by keeping these simple hints in mind, you will attain your 10,000 steps goal within a month, or less.

The specific benefits of walking/running 10000 steps a day

  • A good way to lose weight.
  • Having 10,000 steps improves your sleep pattern.
  • Decreases hypertension, strokes, and other heart-related issues.
  • Increase your endurance power.
  • Reduce stress and slows mental decline.
  • Improves the mood and creates positive thoughts.
  • Fitness and exercise routines increase blood flow through the brain so walking daily decreases your chance for long-term mental illness.  

And the benefits do not just stop here:

  • Walking has a very low impact upon joints. Thus, it is easy for people who suffer from joints pain to go for a daily walk than to lift weights.
  • If you are looking to tone up your body you can do that by picking up speed while walking. Over time, the intensity and duration of your walk will increase and you feel more productive. Many of us suffer from excess body fat and it is there because of too much calories and lack of exercise. Your daily walk is then essential for your physical and mental growth.
  • Like walk manages your stress level and controls it, in the same way, walk prevents dementia.
  • A good walk daily will create happy thoughts and it’s because your body produces endorphins, and this allows the blood to flow more freely via the brain. Indeed, brisk walking or even running is just one step away, and you will be giving a boost to both your health and creativity. 

Last thoughts


You will live a long and happy life by staying healthy. You do not need to go on extremely difficult diets to lose weight, just by being healthy minded (food conscious) and walking enough in a daily basis you will easily notice a few pounds dropping. So do not forget to give yourself a target of 10,000 steps. As by walking, you will come over your mental and physical problems as a result you will live a long and happy life.

By Simar Nagi,

Writer Collaborator

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