Eating a lot and losing weight is possible

eating a lot while losing weight
Yes! Eating a lot and losing weight is possible

If you think by eating less you will not gain weight then my friend you are in the wrong dilemma. You might initially start to lose weight but this will not go on. It is because your body starts to panic. 


One of the worst things you can do to your metabolism is to eat less. If we are eating very little food and exercising more you cannot lose weight you can start to gain weight and it’s likely because of your metabolism. 

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Your metabolism rate tends to drop when you start eating less, it’s because your body needs fuel in the form of food, which you are not providing. Eating lots of food may be sometimes a key to lose weight. Often we are advised to eat fewer carbs or reduce portions. But try replacing your simple carbs with complex carbs and fibrous food, they take longer to digest and provides the body with good energy to break them down.

Signs to identify that you need to eat more to lose weight


  1. You’re having headaches and feeling exhausted: If you are eating the right kind of food then you are on right track. But by fasting, you will never lose weight. Headaches might be an indication of low blood glucose levels. Feeling unexplained headaches, dizziness you feel weakness. Your body needs fuel in the form of food; if you will not provide it in the right quantity you will feel exhausted all the time. 
  2. You’re always dreaming about food: You’re in a dilemma that you’re skipping food means you will lose weight but how will you keep it away from your mind? You’re probably to binge eat later. 
  3. You’re irritable most of the time: When you are feeling low on energy, you tend to get irritated. In this case, grab a quick protein snack it will charge you up and you will feel less agitated and irritable.   

What is the right way?


When you are eating more, your body starts shedding more fat and your metabolism gets the kick that jumpstarts the weight loss process. When you are on a journey of weight loss, your goal should be to eat dense foods as they will keep you full for a longer period. When we eat more food, we receive our short-term goals like we get more energy, we get better sleep, and later with time, we receive our long-term goal which is the ability to lose weight.


Add the following to your diet:



You can eat vegetables like broccoli, beans, salad greens, and asparagus to your diet. These vegetables are low in calories but are rich in volume. You can either add them to your main meal or in the form of snacks like sandwiches or pasta. 



Whole grain like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, etc is the best option to consume as they’re high in fiber. Consume them well but not in high density as they’re high in energy. 


Protein and Fats

Get protein from the natural source. Consume meat rather than powder. Stay away from junk food. For fats, include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your diet. 


One should avoid sugary and processed food when one is on the journey of weight loss. If you want to ramp up your metabolism, you should lift weights. It means to build more muscles, when there is an increase in lean muscle it will increase your metabolism.


Last thoughts


Consume the right calories in the right amount, because your body needs calories to support your body’s vital functions. If you are pursuing weight loss, it has been certainly advised for men to consume at least 1500 calories and women to consume 1200 calories a day. Don’t go up thinking that if you reduce calories, go on fasting you will lose weight. It is not that simple, you will still need to be nutritious-minded, follow some sort of regular exercise, and then you will be on your weight loss path. Feel free to get in touch for a personalized plan or go by yourself with my virtual weight loss training

First Edited: June 2021

By Simar Nagi,

Writer Collaborator

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