Weekly tasks

Up to a healthier lifestyle? Meet your "WEEKLY TASK"(to be done daily)
    Week 4 (May)
A fiber- (fruits, veggies, whole grains...) and protein-enriched (nuts, soy milk, yogurt...) afternoon snack can keep you satiated till dinner
    Week 3 (May)
Listening to music can boost exercise motivation. Music songs of 120-140 beats per minute can give the best performance.
    Week 2 (May)
Breaking down your calories intake into nutrients need can help you lose weight faster and healthier
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    Week 1 (May)
A protein-enriched breakfast can boost your metabolism for the day while helping you to prevent carb and sugar cravings ...
    Week 4 (Apr)
Caffeinated drinks can disrupt your beauty sleep so it's better to keep them away a few hours before going to bed ...
    Week 3 (Apr)
During lockdown, eat healhy, resist cravings, and move, move...
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    Week 2 (Apr)
Your bedroom ambience could impact your beauty sleep afecting your day performance during Coronavirus. Lights off, warm temperature, no noise, phone off can help you sleep pacefully.
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    Week 1 (Apr)
Now more than ever, "every move counts". While retained at home, KEEP MOVING!!.
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While recruited, help your brain to refresh and recharge. Try meditation, reading or listening to relaxing music and rest pacefully.
While home-confined, even a little exercise can lower your resting heart rate, reducing the risk of heart disease.
While being confined, sick or remote-working, you can always exercise at home or in the office -> check this out
Commit to food-logging using some app or tool. It can help you to be more mindful of what and how much you eat. [More about food logging]
Avoid snacks if you want to avoid gaining weight. Teeth brushing, sugar-free gum or coffee/tea or taking a walk can help.
Everyone's fitness level is different but a good goal to aim for is 8000-10000 steps/ daily.
Consistent sleep (at least 7 hours/day) let your body rest and rebuild.
Participating in community events (avoiding loneliness) may be just as important to long-term health as getting to the gym. [More about social]
Yoga's synchronized moves plus breathing (or meditation techniques) can help to release stress. Take short breaks and practise it throughout the day when needed.
Running tips for beginners: start by 4mins walk, 1 min running; then go progressive (3mins walk, 2mins running, and so on so forth).
If new year resolutions are not working, why not giving a try to Monday resolutions instead?
Dehydration cause fatigue. If you feel fatigue, have water to boots energy. Keep a bottle of water near you to remind you about drinking [the magic water].
2 minutes of walk (~250steps) per each hour of sitting (during the day) is linked to a longer lifespan
[ Walking & Health].
30 of mins walk (daily) prevent stress. Aerobics activities keep cortisol (stress hormone) in the right level
[ Walking & Health].

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