Should I exercise or diet?

should i exercise or diet?
Exercise or diet?


When it comes to weight loss, the dilemma about what is better diet or exercise is alive. People often claim weight loss due to dieting ("tummy is lost in the kitchen”) while others claim that exercise is complementary for tuning muscles and give last touches into getting fit (“a six pack is built in the gym”).


But what is really better?

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Losing weight fast and healthy

Losing weight fast and healthy
Quick and healthy weight loss

 Let's say you have an event coming up and you wish to lose weight quickly, well fortunately it is never too late. If you lose weight quickly, you are more likely to continue losing weight. It's highly motivating!!”  Here’s a healthy and fast plan "nutritionist approved" that allows you to slim down and feel awesome for that upcoming event. Right after, you just need to keep it going.


Here is the right approach!!!

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Why you need a health and fitness coach

virtual personal trainer franchises
Become a partner
Health and Fitness Coaching with Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer: the right coach

 There is a general conception that coaches are awesome, but they are really expensive. Most of us would love to work with a personal trainer or health coach, but that’s definitely not in everyones budget. This is why Virtual Personal Trainer come to play, an online training website that makes training both affordable and easy to follow. 

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Cutting down calories

Cutting down your daily calories by Virtual Personal Trainer
Cutting down your daily calories

"Some things are worth the fat and calories, although I have to watch it like a hawk" - Megyn Kelly


Many of us are eating too much and not being active enough. This is why nearly two-thirds of the adult population is overweight or obese in developed countries. Switching from high-calorie to low-calorie, reducing portion size or skipping one or two high-calorie foods a day can be a good way to start cutting down calories.

Interestingly, exercise, besides being extremely good for your health, can also help you cut down calories directly from your body. Here are some recommendations to cut down on your daily calorie intake and eventually help you to reach your Ideal Weight.

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The only dietary supplements you need

coffee and weight loss
Coffee: the natural fat burner
dietary supplements,diet,weight loss
Best dietary supplements

 A visit to the health food store can be an experience. It is tough to choose from among the huge variety dietary and nutritional supplements on the shelf. From vitamins to minerals to weight loss pills, there are thousands of options to choose from. But .... 

do you really need any of them? Do they really work, and if so, which ones are best? 

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Countdown to summer slim down (last call)

summer slim down with Virtual Personal Trainer
You are still in time.. Join the challenge now!
End of Summer Countdown! Join the challenge!










A few more weeks until summer ends! But fortunately we are still in time to get our body fit. If you are to get your beach body ready for the summer, this is the right challenge for you.

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The right fitness-diet balance

fitness diet balance
Balancing your food and activity level

It is Monday morning. It's is a great day to get out to the grocery, pick up some foods and prepare some meals for this week. If you think this will help you get on track, I recommend doing this today or maybe on sunday if you are pretty busy during week days. I prefer to cook extra food at lunch time and then take the left overs for dinners. Whatever works better for you.


Here is a weight loss secret you should never forget .... "there are no magic secrets. Stop eating garbage and get off your ass"

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Getting fit at home

Working out at home
Working out at home

Is it really possible?


Here is the thing, you want to get fit but you do not want, or not have time, to join a gym, or maybe you are just an independent person. Or maybe you already have a gym membership but you are busy to make it in a regular basis or can not even make it at all. If this is your case then you are all set up to working out at home. The question is ... can you really have a decent workout at home? And the answer to this is .. of course you can!

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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT by virtual personal trainer
High Intensity Interval Training


Speed and resting time


Hing Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) refers to doing almost any type of exercise at a variable pace. For example, if you are walking or doing push-ups, vary the pace of the exercise. You can walk normally for a minute or so, and then speed up a bit, and then return to normal speed several times. For exercises like push-ups, do a few slowly and do others more quickly and, like walking, repeat these faster and slower intervals several times. Interval training helps the body to adjust its aerobic system (heart rate, breathing, and metabolism) to burn more calories to lose weight and strengthen and tune muscles. Allow Interval Training to arrange your exercise routine for better and faster results. 

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Daily calorie intake

daily calorie intake
how many calories?


How many calories/day should I consume?


I am sure this is a question that all of us have been wondering sometimes. There is not such an exact answer that it would magically work for everyone but, generally speaking, within a healthy and  balanced diet, men needs around 10,500kJ (~2,500kcal) a day to maintain a healthy weight, and for women, this figure goes around 8,400kJ (~2,000kcal) a day. However, these values vary depending on age, metabolism and levels of physical activity, among other things. 

virtual personal trainer weight loss calculator
Best weight loss calculator

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Hints for successful workouts

hints for successful workouts by virtual personal trainer
Workout success


Either as a new year resolution or just because you want so, It’s time to dive in to that fitness routine so you can ditch those extra pounds/kg and get down to your fitness and weight goal. Whether you are trying to follow a routine for the first time or after a period of inactivity, here are some of the most important Virtual Personal Trainer tips on what to keep in mind as you get started. These tips will help you get the fullest of your workout and meeting  all your goals.

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One-Click-to-Health and Weight Loss Resolutions

Holiday Weight Loss - Virtual Personal Trainer
Holiday Weight Loss

Efficient post-holiday's weight loss?? Yes it is possible!


Here is the idea:  rather than accumulating more kgs/pounds after this holiday season, how about keeping them off in the first place?

virtual personal trainer one click to health app
Your health at one click

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Reaching and maintaining the healthiest weight

Virtual Personal Trainer's fitness trackers
Get fit by smart watch
reaching and maintaining the healthiest weight by virtual personal trainer
Reaching my healthiest weight

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most popular and internationally accepted measurement of weight in relation to health. It is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women ( for age 2-19 BMI). However, caution should be observed when using the BMI as a measure for interpreting overweight and obesity as body composition can be highly variable yet have the same BMI. 

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In a good mood

exercise and good mood
great job!

Today is different to other days. I am in a very good mood. There are many reasons why someone might be in good mood.. maybe a salary raise, unexpected lottery winning, planning a long and relaxing vacation, a new girl friend or news of a new babe born or wedding coming up to name a few. But today i am in a very good mood for a totally different reason.. I did not win any lottery game at all, have no serious girl friend for a long time and the general employment situation worldwide is totally a disaster due to the well known crisis what made me feel in not so good mood lately but guess what ....

virtual personal trainer weight loss motivator app
Stay motivated

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Brainstorm yourself with a healthy walk or run

brainstorming and running
Oxygenating your brain


We all know and probably heard many times all the benefits of running or jogging. To name a few: running boots energy, controls weight, combats health conditions, improves mood, gives us better sleep, etc etc. But this time I am not gonna repeat what we know already very well. This time I am gonna talk about a hidden benefit of walking (at a pace) or running. Something that you might have experienced before but perhaps you never realized. And that is .... I know I am not alone when I say that I do some of my best thinking during a brisk walk or slow jog.

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Count down to forever slim down (open call)

slim down challenge
slim down forever


“Eating healthy nutritious food plus a minimum workout is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever and ever” ― Virtual Personal Trainer"


Let me be honest, it is easier to be motivated to stay healthy and fit when the sun is up, specially if we go to the beach, our swimsuit is in use, and we have more time to work out. But as much as we hope to keep our healthy habits and fitness routines in place during the rest of the year, let’s face it: working, studying, or doing any kind of homework takes time, going out party is too much temptation and the stress can make us throw all your hard work we have done out the window in a matter of seconds. But here are the good news: it is not impossible to stay on track! Here are some tips to keep you healthy, fit and motivated throughout the rest of the year....

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Water: the magic element

the secrets of water
the secrets of water


"Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine"


Water is the more basic and needed molecule of life. It is a necessity. We needed it to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a good balance within our tissues. About a 60 percent of our body is formed by water. We must constantly replenish the supply, as it is continuously used in all the processes of life. But water is not only extremely needed for life. Drinking water could be also one of the easiest efforts you can incorporate into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. There is no excuse for not drinking enough water, and if you are having trouble to fit your recommended 8 glasses of water a day into your schedule, keep reading. Here are a few tips to help you drink more water.

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First "Pay as you go" Online Personal Trainer

Virtual Personal Trainer "pay as you go" service
New "pay as you go" service


Enjoy the benefits of our online consulting services. You can consult an Expert Dietitian, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer without having to leave the comfort of your home. Get help and advice for WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT GAIN, LONG TERM WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, SPORTS NUTRITION AND MORE……


And now you can enjoy the commodities of our new "pay as you go" service as low as 9.99$ JOIN NOW!!! 


Summer slim down challenge: step 3

summer slim down challenge with Virtual Personal Trainer
30 days before summer holiday .. Join the challenge now!
Third Summer Countdown notice! 30 more days to go. What are you waiting for? ... Join the challenge!










One more month until summer holidays! you still have 30 more days to get your body fit. If you are to get yourself ready for summer, you should join this challenge now.

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Summer slim down challenge: step 2

summer slim down challenge with Virtual Personal Trainer
60 days.. still plenty of time.. Join the challenge now!


Second Summer Countdown notice! You have plenty of time ... Join the challenge!


Two more months until summer! you still have plenty of time to get your body fit. If you are to get yourself ready for summer, you should join this challenge now.

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Summer slim down challenge: step 1

First Summer Countdown notice! You have plenty of time ... Join the challenge!



Three more months until summer starts! oh yeah! and you have plenty of time to get your body fit. If you are to get your beach body ready for the summer, you should join this challenge asap.

Virtual Personal Trainer slim down challenge step 1
You have plenty of time.. Join the challenge now!

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Virtual Personal Trainer Franchises

 Franchising with us offers the independence of online training business ownership supported by the benefits of our big business network. You don't necessarily need business experience to run one of our franchises. We provide with the training you need in order to operate your business model.

virtual personal trainer franchises
Build your own personal training business

Motivation for long-term weight loss

virtual personal trainer weight loss motivator app
Stay motivated for long-term weight loss
motivation for long-term weight loss
With Determination, Yes you can!

We all know that in order to achieve a goal, we need to take action. And if we do not succeed at first, we should try again and again. But what is that internal mindset that makes us try in the first place? We commonly refer to this inner built-in as “motivation”. But why we find it so difficult when it comes to taking actions such as weight loss or exercising Read more to find the reasons behind and how to build positive thinking and long-term motivation.

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Virtual Personal Trainer long-term weight loss approach Clinically Tested and Scientifically Proven

We are glad to announce that Virtual Personal Trainer's Long-Term Weight Management methodologies has been clinically tested and recently scientifically proven and validated. Thank you for your support and following us throughout the years.

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Faster fit body by efficient workout

Fit body by efficient workout - Virtual Personal Trainer
Fit body by efficient workout


Are there any more efficient ways to work out than others and is it possible to burn fat really quickly? It sounds too good to be true, but there are really very short bursts of exercise than can really boost your health as well as efficiently help you out to both losing weight and getting fit much efficiently and faster. Find out how by reading this article.

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Are you at a Healthy Weight?

are you at a healthy weight? - Virtual Personal Trainer
healthy weight?


The Healthy Weight should be accurate and unique to everyone. Here in we introduce some easy to follow steps to find out if you are at a healthy weight. For most people, these are good clues to whether or not they are at the right track. 

virtual personal trainer one click to health app
what's your body health?

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Preventing overweight and obesity

Avoiding overweight and obesity - Virtual Personal Trainer
Avoiding obesity


Following a healthy lifestyle can help you to prevent overweight and obesity. Ideally, lifestyle habits should begin during childhood. Parents and families should encourage children to make healthy choices, such as following healthy diet habits and being physically active. But even at an elder age it is never too late to start having a health life style. Here are a few basic tips to avoid overweight and obesity in the future.

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Walking or running?

running or walking? - Virtual Personal Trainer
running or walking? virtue stands in the middle


Walking and running are the most popular physical activities for adults. Whether one is preferable to the other in terms of health has long been a focus of debate. A variety of new studies are providing some answers. What's the conclusion? It depends almost completely on what you are hoping to achieve. In this article we provide all the answers to this intriguing question...

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Breaking down calories into nutrients need

breaking down calories into nutrient need - virtual personal trainer
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates


The ideal food intake recommendation for achieving a healthy weight should be based on your own personal food preferences ideally, following nutrient guidelines. The bottom line is that you have to control your calorie intake in order to have a healthy weight, regardless of the nutrient composition of your diet.


This article provides recommendations and tools for breaking down calories into carbohydrates, protein and fat needs depending on your total calorie intake. 

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Is your plan working? The Ideal Weight loss Rate

the right weight loss rate? by Virtual Personal Trainer
The right weight loss rate

"Weight gains aren't failures, they're learning curves" ― Rachel Stevenson


Have you ever wonder how many pounds (or kg) you should be losing ideally per week if you were following the right plan? if so this is the right article for you

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The magic of olive oil

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benefits of olive oil
Healthy living with olive oil

Being originally from Spain my compatriots will be disappointed if i do not dedicate one of my blogs to this wonder of nature. Olive oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is a major component of the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean Population have longer life expectancies and lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, compared with North Americans and Northern Europeans. Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are considered a healthy dietary fat, as opposed to saturated fats and trans fats.

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Strategies for a successful Weight Loss

With tons of weight-loss programs, miracle diets, and fake ads promising quick and easy weight loss, the crude reality is much more different. For a successful weight loss we all require pretty much permanent healthy food habits in combination with regular exercise. But how do we make these long-term changes? If you are looking for the answer, this is the right article for you. Keep reading....

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Weight loss success
For a successful Weight Loss

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Avoiding rebound after weight loss

avoiding rebound after weight loss by virtual personal trainer

It is common in people trying to lose weight that once they have reached their ideal weight, they return to the habits they had before, which makes them regaining the weight they had, even much more. This is the called “rebound effect”. Here are the tips to keep you away from gaining any weight after weight loss. 


The big unknown

The most likely reason of the rebound effect is not well known by many people, even by doctors, fitness trainers and dieticians. This reason is that the chosen "Ideal Weight", which should be unique to any individual, has not been well calculated and preset... 

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The "must have" Ideal Weight apps

virtual personal trainer franchises
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best weight loss and fitness apps
best weight loss and stay-healthy apps

If you are one of those people who like to do all by yourself, in this article you can find a short list of the "must have" weight loss and stay-healthy apps you can download to get in shape and lose weight with no help except the app and yourself. This is the way you can turn your smart phone into a personal trainer and dietician all for free.

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The ideal body weight

fit and healthy body weight
"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in" - Jim Rohn

Past vs present


The ideal human body weight has been a topic of debate for a very long time. In the past, many specialized fitness and weight loss journals and books used to publish "ideal weight" charts by only representing height vs weight. Readers looked at those charts and many found that they were really far away from their ideal weights. Then, they looked themselves in the mirror and wonder why they did not look that bad. This is probably because those charts were not accurate enough. The criterion (height represents weight) was simply not good enough to predict a proper healthy ideal weight.

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New year resolution: Get rid of the holiday extra pounds in 4 easy steps

get rid of the extra pounds
get rid of the extra pounds


Often we tend to over eat around the holidays especially during Xmas. As a new year resolution it is time now to get rid of the extra pounds. Just follow these 4 easy steps below and you will get back in shape after a few days ;-)


1. Start moving


Start moving. If you’re not a gym fan, go for a walk along the city, at the park or on the beach. You only need a few minutes a day. Read start for free now and the minimum workout. A fitness tracker can be of great help for trracking your first steps.

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Fitting fitness into your busy schedule

Fitting fitness into your busy schedule
Fitting fitness into your busy life

"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools"


Finding time to exercise can be difficult, but it is worth every minute you can invest into it. Not only is it great for you, but it sets a powerful example for other people including your own children. When your children see you moving, they want to move too. Here we have put together a few tips on how to fit exercise into your daily routine, no matter how busy you are.

Virtual Personal Trainer's google play market
Get fit by app

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Balancing food and fitness for a healthy weight

balacing food and fitness
Balancing food and fitness

This blog is meant to be a continuation of our former blog "the right fitness-diet balance" but looking at the topic from a different perspective... read more


“I'm prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!" - Jennifer Hudson


When talking about food, the term "calorie" is a unit of energy that the food supplies to your body. When talking about physical activity, "calorie" is a measure of the energy that your body uses in performing the activity. Calorie balance is like a scale. To remain in balance and maintain your body weight, the calories you get from foods must be balanced by the calories you use for normal body functions and physical activities. In other words, If we eat more calories than we use, we gain weight. If we burn up more calories than we eat, we lose weight.


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Training your mind for weight loss

Mind training for weight loss
Training your mind rather than your body


"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind" ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Studies have shown that it is not the quality of our diets, but our brains ability to resist cravings and follow a plan that is behind losing weight and living a healthy life style. Read more bellow for resetting your mind for weight loss and healthy life.

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Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss

Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss
Avoiding flaccidity after weight loss

In this article we will show the reasons why many people have flaccid skin after fat loss and how you can prevent it. After reading this article you should be able to avoid it. 


Why people have flaccid skin after fat reduction?


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Food labels and healthy body weight

reading food labels for weight loss
Interpreting food labelling

When you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, reading food labels properly is an essential skill. Reading a food label not only tells you how many calories you are consuming when you are eating a particular food, but it can also provide you with useful information about the food’s nutritional value. The food label is essentially a cheat-sheet for healthy eating. You do not need to recall the calorie counts of your favorite foods, or to remember how much protein, fat or carbohydrates are in every side item and snack you come across. Nutrition labels make all of this information accessible to you all the time. Once you know how to read a food label, and what information you are looking for on it, you can start making healthier food choices.


Follow the steps below to understand and utilize properly the information provided by food labels. This blog can be extremely useful for people aiming to reach a healthy weight status.

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The 5 most effective workouts


So... you are ready to lose weight, tune your abs, etc but do not have time to go to the gym or want to spend money on those expensive machines AND also .. you want it from home! If so, this is the right article for you. But how can you achieve this? Of course, we all have busy lives and cannot dedicate many hours a day to reach these goals. But the good news is that it is possible to reach these goals with appropriate advice about the right exercise techniques. However, it is not gonna be an easy path because the most important is that you must be very motivated and constant. In addition, a healthy life style including a logical diet is also important but this is the focus of other or our articles.

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Health and fitness for seniors

Health and fitness for seniors
health and fitness for seniors

As you grow older, having an active lifestyle is even more important than ever before. Doing exercise on a regular basis can help you to boost energy and deal with symptoms of illness or pain. Physical exercise can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. But not only exercise is good for your body, it is also good for your moodmind and memory. Whether you are in good general health or even if you are having some illness condition, there are many ways of getting more active, improving your confidence, and boosting your body health and fitness.

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The 5 elements of a well-designed fitness program

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well-designed fitness program
the 5 must of a well-done fitness routine


Whether you are a beginner taking the first steps toward fitness or an exercise master hoping to optimize your results, designing an organized and effective fitness training program is essential and crucial in order to achieve the best results. When designing a fitness program try to make sure you include these five elements to create an effective program.

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A few health and fitness tips for busy professionals

Business and healthy lifestyle are very compatible
Business and healthy lifestyle are very compatible

“Life is what happens while you are making other plans.” ~John Lennon


Finding the right time to stay healthy and in shape can be complicated for anyone but when you are a very busy professional or an entrepreneur who’s work follows you everywhere you go it can be even more difficult. As an executive or business owners sometimes you can even forget that you have to take care of yourself as well. Your body also needs your care and attention in order to function properly. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle not only will benefit you but also your business in a long run since healthy people tend to life longer, be happier and more productive. If you are one of those busy people "welcome to the club" ....

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Revealing the secrets of an unhealthy body shape

the secrets of an unhealthy body
the secrets of an unhealthy body

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" - Henry Ford


Weight loss resistance is one of the most common things. The inability to exercise or diet is sometimes very discouraging. It might even make you very unhappy and stress. But hopefully after so many positive thoughts as a new resolution we are totally into exercising, dieting or both with all our enthusiasm hoping to reach our goals if possible in a short period of time. If that is the case, congratulations! you passed the most difficult part, which really is STARTING AND GETTING ACTIVE. But is not all flowers in the garden. Sometimes something might not be working the way we want it to be ....


omg! what happened to me? i tried hard to lose weight but I see no results :S

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Happy Valentine's Fitness Day

Valentine's fitness and health day
Happy Valentine's Fitness Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today you probably have planned a crazy weekend full of highly caloric foods. I know you will say "It is only once a year" but I think better do not let this special day throw off your New Year’s goals. There are many ways you can avoid ruinning your hard work so far. Focus on taking healthy food choices and maintain your workout schedule. Today can be a special day to workout together with your partner while still having a very romantic weekend. Here are some workout ideas to keep your resolutions up and running ....

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new year greetings
Best wishes


The Virtual Personal Trainer team wishes you a healthy and happy new year! We will continue to support you in 2015 with the same energy and enthusiasm, bringing you more motivation, fitness and health tips. Thank you for following us!

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Virtual Personal Trainer

The 50 reasons

Can you think of more reasons to exercise? here are at least 50 reasons

reasons to exercise
50 reasons to exercise
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From the one big to the six pack abs - Part 2

six pack abs
building your 6 pack

Once you are in good shape (or in a good weight loss track) it's time to move on the next level but keep in mind that this is not just a one day project: "it will take dedication, time and patience to get a six pack". You get to this second task by adopting a consistent abs workout philosophy consistently. This blog will discuss the was in which you can accomplish this second goals.

virtual personal trainer future weight app
Guess your Future Weight

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From the one big to the six pack abs

virtual personal trainer's customized android apps
Get fit by app
six pack abs
building your 6 pack

It will take dedication, time and patience to get a six pack. But all you need to do is only two things: lose weight and build abs muscle. You get this by kind of adopting a dieting and exercising philosophy consistently. You can have the most toned and muscular abs, but it will not show if there is a layer of fat over them. This blog will discuss the ways to accomplish the very first goal: weight loss.

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The Benefits of Soy Milk

healthy soy milk
Soy milk health benefits

Soy milk, which is made from soaking, grinding and boiling soy beans with water, is a very nutritious drink. Soy is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients provide energy and keep your body functioning at its optimum level. Find below are the most important health benefits you can acquire from drinking soy milk.



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THE MINIMUM WORKOUT: Get Fit In Only A Few Minutes

The minimum workout
Getting fit in only a few mins

No time for a workout? Do you want to get fit but do not have time to join a gym club? are you really busy at work? Well, if you are within this group of people then definitely this is the right blog for you. Some experts argue that just a few minutes of strenuous exercise may be all that is needed to improve key measures of health and fitness. If you are consistent, determined and up to the cause then you can really get a great workout without spending much of your time and without leaving home. 


What are the advantages of quick high intensity workouts?

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Carrots: the greatest health and weight loss life-partner

Carrots health beneficts
the great weightloss partner


Carrots are rich in nutrients with beneficial impact on the organism, especially on the eyesight. Either raw or cooked as part of your meal carrots are the kind of food that can definitely help you to reach your health and weight loss goals.


Carrots benefits

  • Powerful antioxidant. Carrots are one of the richest natural sources of beta-carotene, important provitamin, which after consuming, turns into one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body, vitamin A. Vitamin A helps cells strengthen and fight against viruses, supports the fight against cancer and prevents cardiovascular diseases. 
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My new friend

smartwatches and health
My best health and fitness partner

Have you ever thought of all the qualities a good friend should have?


True friendships can start instantly but they take time to build. Here are a few qualities I think we should look for when making new friends:


  • Fun, unique and interesting. This is probably a given, and the reason you became friends in the first place. But there is a lot to be said about chemistry and shared interest. 

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Uncovering the secrets of a healthy weight: 4 steps to reprogramming the lipostat

Making your ideal weight long lasting
Keeping your ideal weight permanent


We are finally having the answers to the big mystery ....


Why do some people find almost impossible to lose weight, despite their numerous serious attempts to get slim even using sophisticated diets, exercise, pills etc?


What we have learnt from science might surprise you ...

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Empower your days with a good coffee

benefits of coffee
The power of coffee


Coffee, the mayor nature source of caffeine, is a wonderful natural energy drink with lots of physiological and pharmacological properties. Either if you are a coffee lover or you are under a muscle building or weight loss program, perhaps you should consider adding a caffeinated drink to your daily routines (tips: the average cup of filter coffee contains 140mg of caffeine compared with 100mg in instant coffee and only 75mg in tea). Caffeine is absorbed in the small intestine, metabolised in the liver cell and distributed to body tissues within 45 minutes of ingestion.


Though coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills, recent research indicates that coffee may not be so bad at all. 




What are the benefits of coffee


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The taste of an olympic medal

tasting an olympic medal
The privilege of tasting a medal

It is all over the news the 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games, or the 22nd Winter Olympics, a major international multi-sport event currently being held in Sochi, Russia. But have you ever wonder what's the taste of an olympic medal? someone may say it tastes like glory after all effort required. But this time I am talking about its real taste... this is a privilege only a few gifted ones can tell

get fit by smart watch
Best activity tracker

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Have a happy Valentine's Fitness Day

Fitness and Valentine's Day
Fitness and Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and for romantic couples that probably means a crazy weekend full of yummy foods and highly caloric deserts. It is only once a year but better do not let this throw off your New Year’s goals for keeping yourself fit and healthy.


There are many ways you can take healthy food choices and maintain a workout schedule with your partner and still having a very romantic weekend. You could, for example, go for a walk on top of a hill or beach with a nice view and bring your picnic basket with your own choice of heathy foods. Being outdoors with the person you love is certainly a great healthy choice. This way you will probably enjoy eating guilt free because you have plenty of time to burn out your extra calorie by walking while enjoy being together with your love one.

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The beginning of Virtual Personal Trainer

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Today is the beginning and first blog of Virtual Personal Trainer, your online personal trainer


Origins and motivation


Virtual Personal Trainer uses unique science concepts to set our right “preset weight”. It has been first clinically tested and proved by his creator (**Update** Virtual Personal Trainer's methodology has been Scientifically Proven in Jan 2017; likewise, our tools and apps have been recently validated in Dec 2017). Jose is 47 years old originally from Spain with Masters in Biological Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Organizational Engineering and PhD in Biology. He has more than 20 years of professional experience occupying leading positions both at private and public sectors. In the sports & fitness training world, he used to practice martial arts (Karate, Ninjutsu and Self-Defense), diving, ski, and he was a gym personal trainer at his twenties. Later on he only practiced ski and snorkeling when he was on holiday. Because of his career he put sports a bit apart for a few years. He is much of a world travel person. Perhaps because of his traveling experiences and relation with different cultures one day he realised he was getting very fat and consciously unhealthy. He could not believe his weight was as much as 223 lbs (101 kgs). Too much business traveling and eating outside with no control over his food habits and spare time made him like that, he thought. But some day in July, 2012 he opened his eyes to the reality and that day was the beginning of a new resolution: "I never thought i will reach three ciphers. I will never be like this again", he promised himself.

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