Editorial articles - Year 2022

Editorial articles published during the year 2022

Do Not Miss Your Breakfast

The power of breakfast
The power of breakfast

Do not leave your breakfast behind!

Include it and enjoy it!


We always tend to hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we should not miss it at all. But... is it elemental for us?


Several studies highlight that eating breakfast daily can help maintain / lose weight. Each body is a world to discover and we all work differently. There might be a person, on one hand, who needs to eat as soon as he/she wakes up; however, on the other hand, another individual might not feel comfortable eating straight away and may need few more hours of fasting.

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The Importance of Logging

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food logging
Why you need to start logging your meals


A meal or workout log is a piece of writing or note using a notebook, software, web tool or a mobile app that can help you to keep track of your daily meals and/or training habits. The diary can also help you and your doctor understand your eating and physical habits in order to plan a proper health, fitness or weight loss plan.


But most importantly, daily logs can allow you to achieve results quickly and also help you to manage and control your body weight in a long run.

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How To Treat Your Body As You Age

Learning to age healthy
Healthy aging

Just because you are getting older does not mean you will have to face medical conditions or have a poor quality of life. What is important is to know how to age healthily. Aging well and gracefully does not mean that you will look like a teen or in your 20s but you will live with some fewer wrinkles and sagging. 


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Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight?

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The theory of the Lipostat
The "Lipostat"


You might be wondering, why for some people is quite difficult to lose weight while other people might find it not so complicated and some might even have a tendency to lose weight naturally. The reason behind this seems to be located in an area of the hypothalamus known as Lipostat, so-called "the Lipostat theory".


Think of this like a little “chip” implanted in our brain, which is in charge of controlling our body weight.

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Getting Kids Into Healthy Habits

Promoting healthy kids
Healthy kids

Every parent wants the best healthy and happy lifestyle for their kids. We are certain to this point that every family benefits from adopting healthy habits. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to set an example of a happy and healthy lifestyle as children look up to us, if we will have a habit of consuming junk food, same the kid will do. 

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Getting Fit, and Resistant to Diseases

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Ideal weight and disease resistance
Healthy weight and disease resistance


Maintaining a healthy weight, the so-called Ideal Weight, is very important for health. Recently, Virtual Personal Trainer has shown that, in addition to reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many types of cancer, it can also lower the risk of Coronavirus and future epidemics/pandemics to come.


Excessive weight accumulation outside your healthy/ideal weight range can have serious health implications. 

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We Still Need Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and health
Healthy carbohydrates

We still need carbs. Do not fear them. Instead, love them!


Carbohydrates have been a fear factor in people's lives. I have heard a lot of statements such as "carbs make you fat", "carbs are not good after 7 pm", etc.


It is truly sad to hear that the main fuel of our engine is being declined and eliminated from the diet. Our body works like a car. It requires a specific power and contribution to work and give the best of it. Our leading and most promising fuels are CARBOHYDRATES. The quality of energy carbs can offer can not be replaced with protein or fats. Carbohydrates on their own can not make you gain weight. It always depends on the quality of food you incorporate into your diet. There is no magical food that will make you gain weight, as well as lose weight. It's all about having the right balance.

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Making New Year's Resolutions a Reality

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Succeeding new year's resolutions

More than half of all the people making new year's resolutions fail, but making (and keeping) New Year's Resolutions is not impossible.


Below I will tell you how to succeeding, by identifying the right resolution, creating a plan to reach it, and becoming one of the few people that successfully achieve their planned goals, making your goals  a reality.

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Let Music Boost Your Fitness Goals

Music and exercise performance
Music and exercise performance


Just as there is no single diet designed for all of us; there is not a specific or right way to exercise and train our body. However, many people enjoy their training with a certain type of music in the background, helping them feel motivated and wanting to give more of themselves.


Music creates a "rhythm response" says Scientific American.

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High Calorie-Burning Tips For The New Year

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High calorie burning tips for the new year
Efficient fat loss after holidays


Here is the idea:  rather than thinking 24/7 about how many kgs/pounds I have gained this past Christmas season, as a new year resolution for 2022, how about I stop complaining and I immediately do something about it?


Wish just a few logical tips, I will tell you a new way to harness science, leading to a successful calorie (fat) burning that will finally get you back in shape.

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