New year resolution: Get rid of the holiday extra pounds in 4 easy steps

get rid of the extra pounds
get rid of the extra pounds


Often we tend to over eat around the holidays especially during Xmas. As a new year resolution it is time now to get rid of the extra pounds. Just follow these 4 easy steps below and you will get back in shape after a few days ;-)


1. Start moving


Start moving. If you’re not a gym fan, go for a walk along the city, at the park or on the beach. You only need a few minutes a day. Read start for free now and the minimum workout. A fitness tracker can be of great help for trracking your first steps.

2. A simple diet plan

When you plan out your meals, you are more likely to eat properly and less likely to gain weight. Start by getting rid of the leftovers and start eating on your regular schedule. Cut down on the carbs like bread or pasta from your meals. Eat vegetables and fruits a few minutes before each meal to lower down your hunger. Also read basic weight lost tips and the right fitness-diet balance

3. Drink water, coffee or tea

Drink plenty of water. You can drink one or two glasses of water before every meal, which also helps to easy your hunger cravings. You can substitute some water cups for a hot or cold coffee or green tea with low or no sugar, both great natural fat burners. Read our coffee blog

4. Take your time

Take your time... Be patient! Rome was not built in one day ;-)

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