Countdown to summer slim down (last call)

summer slim down with Virtual Personal Trainer
You are still in time.. Join the challenge now!
End of Summer Countdown! Join the challenge!










A few more weeks until summer ends! But fortunately we are still in time to get our body fit. If you are to get your beach body ready for the summer, this is the right challenge for you.


In this challenge, you will get:

  • Fitness ideas that you can do anywhere (even outside in the summer weather!)
  • An easy to follow nutrition guide that will help you get results quickly, without starving yourself and still enjoying some of your favourite meals
  • Tips and Tricks for reaching your goals this summer!
  • Continued support before, during and even after this challenge!

If you believe in yourself and you are brave enough to try, come on! join this challenge now! Countdown started already!

Step 1

step 1 to summer slim down challenge
Getting mentally ready

Step 2

step 2 to summer slim down challenge
Preparing your stomach

Step 3

step 3 to summer slim down challenge
Working your abs

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Important notice 

Virtual Personal Trainer approach is recommended for healthy adults only. This site is not intended for use by minors or individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are specifically advised to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any fitness or nutrition effort or program.

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