Let Music Boost Your Fitness Goals

Music and exercise performance
Music and exercise performance


Just as there is no single diet designed for all of us; there is not a specific or right way to exercise and train our body. However, many people enjoy their training with a certain type of music in the background, helping them feel motivated and wanting to give more of themselves.


Music creates a "rhythm response" says Scientific American.

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What Science has to say


The rhythm response created by the music is the tendency that make people to synchronize their movements with the music. An associate professor of sports psychology at Brunel University in England, says the best tempo is between 120 and 140 beats per minute (BPM).


It does not work for all and does not have to work for each individual.


A great partnership


Nevertheless, music is known as the best company during your training as:

  • Music helps you keep up with the rhythm: as mentioned above, music helps keep a balance between the moves of your body and the music.
  • Music keeps your motivation high: music brings positivity, a relaxed mind and encourages your body to give its best, staying away from the feeling of giving up.
  • Music keeps you away from negative thoughts: a piece of simple music can keep you entertained and distracted, keeping away from any negative and fearful thoughts.
  • Music helps you take a step further: it encourages you to do better than yesterday and take a baby step further, boosting performance.
  • Music gives you companion: you will not feel lonely or sad. You will enjoy your own company and not require or depend on someone else´s motivation or presence.
  • Music helps your brain keep working and developing: music helps your brain stay determined, working on high concentration and willpower.
  • Music makes you happy: music has the potential to keep your body, soul, and mind joyful and enjoy the positive vibes around you.

Give music a beautiful chance to be your training partner. You will notice the quicker the pace gets, the more your body wants to move and give the best of its ability.


Music is magic, enjoy it, and let it boost your performance and help you reach your fitness goals!

Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator

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