How To Treat Your Body As You Age

Learning to age healthy
Healthy aging

Just because you are getting older does not mean you will have to face medical conditions or have a poor quality of life. What is important is to know how to age healthily. Aging well and gracefully does not mean that you will look like a teen or in your 20s but you will live with some fewer wrinkles and sagging. 


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It is natural to have wrinkles and sagginess and it is good to accept it, you should love the way you are but if you can adapt few methods you will still age but you will age gracefully and healthy. Because in the end, it matters how well you are holding up? And when you are aging you can do certain steps to age well:

  • 1. Mind your diet: Healthy food is a good way to lead a happy and healthy life. You should look up to the calories you are consuming, you must not overdo it. You can add veggies, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. And limit yourself from adding butter, sugar, salt and strictly avoid preserved foods. Substitute extra fatty meats with lean protein such as fish and beans. Avoid solid fats and consume healthy fats. By consuming a healthy diet you will live longer and protect yourself from heart diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.   
  • 2. Take care of your skin: Your skin is what it reflects from the outside. If you treat it well it will protect your body from the elements. For that, you can wear sunscreen when you are running out for work, moisturizer, and take gentle products. Stay hydrated and quit smoking at an early age only so that your skin looks good when you grow older. 
  • 3. Physical Exercise: Regular exercise lowers the risk of diseases such as heart disease or cancer. By exercising daily improves your digestion system, helps your sleeping pattern and takes care of your skin, bones, and mood. You can opt for aerobic exercise; you can go for walk, swimming, dancing, and cycling. Among this walk is extremely well taken and provides us better results. Alone good walk can control your weight, boost your mood, keeps your muscles and bones strong, and most likely walk is good for people suffering from type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. You can start with small strolls, or if you can then go for a 30 minutes’ walk daily. 
  • 4. Stay connected with your loved ones: Mental health is equally important and must be balanced. Because when you are happy it keeps your stress level down and you age well. If you feel lonely you might come under dementia or depression. Researchers have found that a high level of stress causes inflammation, arthritis, and diabetes. And a high level of stress influences our immune system, so we have to make sure to take care of our mental health. So stay connect with your loved ones, engage yourself in some work or volunteer work, do whatever brings you joy. 
  • 5. Consume water: Smoking and drinking both have been proved to a cause of premature aging. So prepare yourself and practice mindfulness and overcome this barrier. One should stay hydrated. Drink enough water as it improves your brain functions. 

Last thoughts


The second half of your life can bring the best rewards even better than your younger self. It’s because you have gained good knowledge, patience, and wisdom. It’s totally natural to accept your gray hair, wrinkles and you should accept it gracefully. It is how God intended but if you can follow natural better steps to live a longer, stronger, and graceful life you must do so.  


Just like a bottle of wine, you can age well and gracefully if taken the right care! 

By Simar Nagi,

Writer Collaborator

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