The Relation Between Sleeping and Having a Healthy Weight

The relation between sleeping and healthy weight
Sleeping and Ideal Weight

There is an important relation between sleeping and maintaining a healthy weight. There is a strong belief out there that to have a beautiful and healthy weight, an individual should be highly active and keep the body loaded with tasks and activities for the whole day.


You will be surprised to know that, our body burns calories while sleeping and resting too!.

From paths to distance and burnt calories
From paths to distance and calories

Our body is not a machine, it requires everything nature has offered us: food, water, sleep, positivity, sunshine, love, and appreciation. It is vital to ensure all the aspects are covered and taken good care of, providing the body with everything it requires. Just as plants need more than just water to grow, flourish and survive; our bodies work the same way.


A good night's sleep has always been highlighted as a 7 to 8 hours sleep. This refers to a steady and lasting sleep with no disturbance or interference of any kind. In this way, the body will receive and approach the next morning with enthusiasm and freshness. On the other hand, if you have a broken and disturbed night sleep where your mind and body are not relaxed enough; you will notice a less active and jolly body in the morning. Therefore, first of all, we need to understand the meaning and the importance of adequate night sleep.


The benefits of a beauty sleep


You will notice plenty of positive things occurring as a consequence of a good night sleep:

  • A relaxed mind and a happy soul: you will feel the inner happiness and will look forward to the exciting day and all the amazing activities part of it.
  • More energetic: good sleep is the energy boost for our bodies. Although caffeine and certain drinks make a difference, there is nothing better and comparable to a satisfactory sleep. If you have had a bad night, caffeine can create some magic but it will always last for a limited time and, eventually, can make you feel anxious or nervous.
  • Ability to face challenges and make better decisions: a good sleep will help you have an open mind, ready to face any upcoming issues, as well as make the best and determined decision for yourself.
  • A good control of your weight: as said before, your body does burn calories while you are sleeping and resting. Your muscles, body, and all organs need to get sufficient rest to give the next day a fantastic job from their end, making the most of all opportunities that come across. If you are awake till late at night, you will be motivated to consume extra calories and temptations, leading to unwanted weight gain.
  • Sharper memory: our brain needs rest too and providing it with quality sleep can help it get sharper, retaining information in a better way.

Last thoughts ...

As we can read above, there is so much good in having a comfortable and relaxed sleep. You come out winning in all aspects of your life, becoming the real hero of your story.


Love the body and soul you are given by giving it the rest it deserves each day. Always remember that you are not a machine, you are a gorgeous human being that deserves all the facilities and gifts given by the nature.

Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator


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