The Importance of Logging

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Why you need to start logging your meals


A meal or workout log is a piece of writing or note using a notebook, software, web tool or a mobile app that can help you to keep track of your daily meals and/or training habits. The diary can also help you and your doctor understand your eating and physical habits in order to plan a proper health, fitness or weight loss plan.


But most importantly, daily logs can allow you to achieve results quickly and also help you to manage and control your body weight in a long run.

The importance of logging your meals and activity daily

In what ways logs can help your health?

  • Recording your meals and training means you can properly plan your next logs and improve your progress.
  • Keeping track of everything keeps you accountable and makes you more responsible and committed.
  • Raise your confidence and determination to keep going and focused on your weight loss / maintenance / health goals.
  • Allow you to analyse your past habits which is fundamental to evaluating your progress.
  • Logs boost your mindfulness and help you not only physically but also emotionally, making it easier to maintain the habit over time.
  • It gives you a better picture of your current eating and physical habits allowing you to plan a proper health/weight loss plan.
  • Informs you how nutrient-dense your food is, helping you to balance your total daily calories and macronutrient intake, thus improving your nutrition and health status.
  • Gives you hints about your daily physical activity needs.
  • It raises your chance to reach your health/weight loss goals in a short/medium time.

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